IS THIS WAR? Should We Declare War On ISIS?

France Terrorist Attack

1360 – July 15, 2016 – IS THIS WAR?  Another Terrorist Attack In Paris!  Should We the USA Declare War On ISIS?  The Terrorist Attacks WILL Be A Defining Factor In The 2016 Presidential Election

Who’s Running This Show?

1187 – November 17, 2015 – America Taking The Lead – Nonsensical Statement, According to President Obama!

What Happened In Paris Will NOT Stay In Paris

By Beth Ann November 16, 2015 THE ENEMY WITHIN When I’m sitting in my office these days – other than my computer and phone, I have no media sources…NO TV/RADIO at this time! Late Friday afternoon one of my sons called, said “Mom you might want to turn on the news, Paris has been attacked by terrorists.” I immediately started …