Iowa Caucus… Forced Insurance Isn’t Healthcare!

Iowa caucus 2016

1241 – February 1, 2016 – Iowa Caucus TODAY!  Will Hillary Be Indicted? National Healthcare Is NOT America, Climate Change Hoax! College Student Are There For An Education NOT To Be Social Justice Warriors

It’s ALL Absurd!

1167 – October 20, 2015 – Planned Parenthood & “healthcare” ~ Gun Control ~ Republicans Might Need Dems To Help Elect Their Speaker  ABSURD!!

Low Flush Toilets and Obamacare

By Gary Batey Quick question, when you saw the title did you think it was going to be a critique of Obamacare or low flush toilets? Be honest. The answer is both and neither. It’s really a critique of government regulation and it’s stifling effect on innovation. That two such disparate things could be used to illustrate the same point, …