Low Flush Toilets and Obamacare

By Gary Batey


Quick question, when you saw the title did you think it was going to be a critique of Obamacare or low flush toilets? Be honest. The answer is both and neither. It’s really a critique of government regulation and it’s stifling effect on innovation. That two such disparate things could be used to illustrate the same point, makes the point.

Both low flush toilets and Obamacare have the same thing in common, government rules that freeze innovation and lead to less than advantageous results. Low flush toilets lead to less than ideal operation of a toilet and result in no innovation on better ways to deliver a flush. Obamacare leads to less than ideal delivery of health care and stops innovation on better ways to provide services to patients.

Both are hallmarks of government interference, which inevitable leads to less than an ideal outcome. Both might be, although doubtful, well intended. Low flush toilets an effort to conserve water and Obamacare an effort to provide health care to more people. Both have failed.

Government regulation always requires a one size fits all approach. This is the very definition of a requirement to conformity that stifles creativity and innovation and requires trade-offs that would not be made by all individual actors in the marketplace. Some might pick the low flush toilet because they believe it’s a good thing, others would choose another option based on their belief of what’s best for their individual needs and experiences. In both cases the environmental impact would be roughly the same. Low flush toilets don’t always achieve their intended goal, thereby requiring multiple flushes. Multiple flushes use more water. The math isn’t hard. And innovation driven by a desire to meet a market requirement, i.e. less water usage, will come up with a real answer, not a made up stupidity that is the inevitable result of government mandates.

The same holds true for Obamacare. The jack booted thug approach of Obamacare will cause all innovation in health insurance to stop, and eventually will lead to all innovation in health care stopping. Why? Because under Obamacare the red tape involved in getting new procedures, medications, and treatments will become so immense in the name of curtailing costs that it will no longer be viable to expend the money to bring these innovations to market. In short, people will eventually die due to Obamacare.

Here’s one more thing to think about with Obamacare; the leading cause of death in America is medical mistakes. It has been posited that the only legal means of committing murder is to give someone a private physician and unlimited access to health care. This seems counter intuitive until you consider that doctors, like everyone else, want to feel like they are earning their keep. If they are getting paid for a service, they are likely to perform that service, even if that service is not actually needed.

Government regulates innovation out of existence. The only way to justify government interference is to believe that all science has been discovered, that there will never be another innovation, that what we have is the best it will ever be. Does any thinking person accept that?

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