3092 – April 4, 2023 – THE BANANA REPUBLIC MAMBO:

We’re a banana republic and it’s so sad to say,

The democrats have taken our rights away.

An oligarchy dances with a Marxist sway,

But their banana republic is NOT here to stay.


So they burned the constitution,

established a commie institution.

The bill of rights they must refuse them,

They choose power over freedom.


Of insurrection they are guilty,

Their dirty lies are so filthy,

Our justice system they have rigged,

China thinks it has a brand new gig.


Their banana republic is NOT here to stay,

We the People YES, we will have our say!

It is for Life and Liberty that we pledge,

You democrats are now living on the edge.


We the People are not happy,

We the People will not stand

For your communist oligarchy,

We will remove you from our land.