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By Gary Batey

Gary Batey

There Is No Problem That Government Has Ever Solved

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 10:29 AM PDT

There is not one problem that government has solved. Not crime, poverty, neglect, hunger, greed, avarice, war.

It cannot stop crime from happening. It can only field a police force to deter crime and detectives and prosecutors to catch, prosecute, and incarcerate criminals when crimes do occur.

The war on poverty is a dismal failure. After Trillions of dollars spent, poverty hasn’t budged. It remains the same.

Neglect is on the increase. More children and elderly are neglected as time goes by.

Hunger? I see billboards by the roadside now that claim 20% of people go to bed hungry regularly. When was that ever true before? And how can that be in a society where welfare was to “fix” that issue. If not that issue, then what was welfare ever supposed to solve?

Greed has been around since man first walked the earth. It is usually credited with why everything is bad, and of course never credited with the good it does in the creation of  things that make life better, but it has not and will not ever go away. It is far more logical to implement systems that understand this than to continue to believe that greed is somehow miraculously going vanish.

War: another thing that has always been with man. It is as much a part of man as it is of nature. When it’s the animal kingdom being discussed and fights take place over resources, shelter, and food it’s called survival of the fittest. Yet somehow this simple understanding stops short when the domain is man, even, most surprisingly, when those refusing to understand are true believers in evolution. If man evolved, he is a part of nature and therefore equally dependent on natural law, including survival of the fittest species.

In short, there is not one problem plaguing mankind that government, ANY government of ANY structure, has EVER solved.

We need to stop the infatuation with government. It is not a helicopter parent who will make everything okay. It will not soothe you on a stormy night, tell you a bedtime story, or meet you at the corner when you’re scared to walk home alone. It does not have the capacity to solve problems, and never has. All maladies of man have always been with men and no government or system has ever solved, fixed, or eradicated them and never will. If it were possible for any system of government or government program to solve these issues they would no longer exist. But they do. And that is the proof they can’t, and until we get to the point of understanding this it will not be possible to factually attack and defeat these issues.

All government can do is create a level playing field for these problems to be solved. And they will not be solved by the intellectual elite. Every instance where these champions of pure reason have held sway, the problems have AT BEST not gotten worse. Trial and error guided by rational thought of desired outcome and measurement systems to determine how close the system is coming to the goal is the only method that will yield actual results. It’s time to relearn this simple truth, get government out of the way, and set about creating fact based systems that recognize human behavior.


There seems to be a war for everything but I never hear our politicians or either political party declare a WAR ON OUR NATIONAL DEBT!  I wonder why that is???

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