War on Poverty, War on Terror, War on Obesity, War on Drugs… War on Constitution… oops, did I say that out-loud?

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War on Poverty, War on Terror, War on Obesity, War on Drugs… War on Constitution… oops, did I say that out-loud?

The so-called “War on Poverty” is not 50 years old.  An article by Robert Rector, The Daily Signal contained several “interesting” statistics.


The “War Poverty” began in with Lyndon B Johnson and like the “change” promised by Obama & Biden’s campaigning – it hasn’t quite gone the way it was planned.

Johnson’s original goal was to increase self-sufficiency, the ability of a family to support itself out of poverty without dependence on welfare aid.  Johnson asserted that the “War on Poverty” would actually shrink the welfare rolls and transform the poor from “taxeaters” into “taxpayers.”

Well…. $22 Trillion later… and adjusting for inflation, that’s three times more than was pent on all military wars since the American Revolution!   Yet… our welfare system continues to grow!

Over 100 million people (that’s 1/3 of the US Population) received aid from at least one welfare program, which puts the average cost at $9,000 per recipient in 2013.

Poverty in AmericaWho are our poor?  How can we have spent $22 Trillion dollars on welfare while poverty

gets worse?   The truth is – it isn’t!  The census ignores nearly the entire $943 billion welfare state and takes into account only a specific income threshold.   (That’s what we call… fudging the number a bit)

Most of us equate poor with the inability to provide proper food & nutrition, perhaps a poor roof or no roof over the family and the lack of material possessions…  Truth is according to government surveys, the typical family that Census identifies as poor have air conditioning, cable or satellite TV and a computer in the home.  Forty percent have a wide screen HDTV while yet another 40 percent have internet access.  Three quarters of the so-called poor own a car and a third have two or more vehicles.  The food & nutritional intake by the children in these poor families is nearly identical to the children in families of the upper middle class range.

Poverty War

I’ve said many times and this article confirms it… there is an attack and break down of the “family” and this leads to dependence on government and therefore weakens a nation.  According to Rector, 50 years ago when Johnson began this war on poverty only 7% of children were born outside of marriage… today this is a staggering 42%…  think about that, 42% of children are born without a father in the home or a steady, strong male influence and the influence of a structured home life.

Rector reported too that President Obama plans to spend $13 Trillion dollarWar On Povertys on means-tested welfare over the next decade.  The majority of these programs seem to discourage self-sufficiency, work and marriage.

It’s time for America to stop this slavery and free our people from the chains of welfare!  Johnson hoped to the “War on Poverty” would eventually “replace their despair with opportunity.”    America is the land of opportunity our welfare system kills that opportunity like water thrown on a fire!

Am I the only one who sees great irony in the fact that this nation has spent $22 Trillion Dollars for a “War on Poverty”???

An Irony with absurdity beyond measure!

“Good god y’all!”

…No Commonsense here…

Ignorance in Full Bloom!


The elections are coming… who’s in the running?

Talk show host Joe Scarborough is calling them out (why?) ~ He wants both Hillary and Jeb Bush to make up their minds and lay it on the line… either you’re running for president or you’re not!

Well I might see his point but in truth – these two are not my pick – I’m actually hoping neither one runs for President in 2016.

Perhaps I’m holding out for that “knight on the white horse”

 George Washington Hero

Apparently Jeb Bush is Scarborough’s “favorite politician” who he believes to be “Mr. Savior of the Republican Party.” ~ ??   Are you kidding me!!!


I don’t know this Joe Scarborough… however, if he’s pulling for Jeb Bush – he’s not trying to save anything but trying to keep it all the same… “Politics as usual…” All for the greater good of the “party” not THE PEOPLE!

Campaign Against Hillary  Hillary shouldn’t be running for president – she should be trying to figure out how to get out of charges of treason (if that were only true!)  America should be wising up enough now to realize this woman is NOT what this nation needs as a leader – she had her chance and she more than blew it!  I would LOVE to challenge somebody out there to explain to me WHY Hillary should run for president and what is it she can do to… I mean for this nation?

The Bush family needs to give it up too… we don’t need another Bush in the White House!

We need a hero – not a politician.  We need a statesman – not a career politician.  America deserves better!  America has the best of the best… but not in Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush!

Out there somewhere – America has a modern-day George Washington OR Thomas JefFounding Fathers Heroesferson, John Adams, James Madison… out there somewhere America has a man or woman – who truly loves this nation, liberty, God and believes in our Constitution and will protect and honor our Bill of Rights!

Who will answer the call?  Both the Democrat & Republican parties need an overhaul but it is America that needs a hero a good man (or woman) ready to heed the call and BRING AMERICA HOME©!

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