THEY WALKED OUT… Obama’s Unpopularity Made Blatantly Evident

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Why DID the crowd walk out on the president?


Option 1:

They are tired of being lied to, they can only take so much. Unlikely. Liberals seem to like being lied to. Being deceitful is a basic part of who and what they are, so it seems unlikely they would abandon the game plan now.

Option 2:

They are sick that the incompetent boob they elected has destroyed their very good chance to achieve a social dictatorship which they believe will lead to heaven on earth. No freedom means no need to make decisions and take responsibility for their own lives.  Very likely. They seem to genuinely believe that the only system that isn’t exploitative is one where the government owns or controls everything and doles it out based on your allegiance to their ideals.

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 Gary Batey

 Gary Batey

Why DID the crowd walk out on the president?

If making a statement…  perhaps we should make that statement even stronger to not just the president but to all elected officials….  A Nonpartisan vote is a vote for the Republic!  After the vote… The Republic needs to hold the elected accountable!!  Whatever their term… be them Senators, Governors, Representatives, School Board Members, Aldermen, Assemblymen (or women) ~ Let the hear from you regularly!!

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