There Is No War On Women

CSC Talk Radio is Bringing America Home with Commonsense Converstations


CSC Talk Radio had the honor of visiting with Laura Carno.  Laura is a motivational speaker standing up for truth and reality.   While there are those in our nation who try to convince women there’s a war against them, the truth is that women are bold, smart, strong and capable of great and wonderful accomplishments.  These same feminists, who fought against marriage, screaming that “we don’t need a man” to take care of us – are now encouraging women to be enslaved to government.   The very people who try to convince women there’s a war against them, are the same ones who are willing to disarm women leaving them victims and rendering them unable to defend their families.

Women are strong, there is not war on women in America

It isn’t about birth control!  Women’s concerns in this nation are no different than the men!  The lack of jobs, bad economy and inflation are heavy concerns to women.   I believe it’s insulting for government leaders to continue to point at “birth control” as if that’s all women have to be concerned about these days.

Gun Control is another issue that is a great concern for women.  As a rule the majority of females are going to be physically weaker and smaller than their assailant, for government officials to tell women they are not allowed to defend themselves with guns or to limit the amount of ammo they’re allowed to carry, is an infringement against women’s safety.


Women deserve the freedom to defend their families       The legislation and entitlements that government liberals continue to promote for women (and others) do more to bind women, making them enslaved and dependent instead of allowing them to care for themselves, allowing them to express their true strength and become productive and sustainable citizens.

Women believe in the Second Amendment

Politicians and media continue to label Americans separating us instead of uniting us which would make America stronger!   Laura and I both agree that Americans must look to one another and stand together.

CSC Talk Radio is here to BRING AMERICA HOME… Strong families make a strong nation.  Working men & women make a productive nation!  America needs to return to Commonsense Constitutionality.

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Standing together with truth we can do exactly that…


Women, Men, Americans Will Not Be Sheep