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The Land of Pretending…

“We Are No Longer Free”

By Beth Ann

 Once upon a time there was a kingdom ruled by a wicked dictator king.  This king was demanding of the people.  They were not allowed to own their own land or worship as they believed.  They had to pay high taxes to satisfy the king and his whims.  But, many years ago an explorer discovered another land.  This land was rich with opportunities but not without intrigue and danger.

Many fathers decided to travel to this land and begin a new life with their families.  Times were tough, supplies became thin and many perished.  The survivors however proved to be strong and persevered; a new land and a new way of life was born.  The people learned to adapt to this new land and its natives.  The weather varied from east to west and north to south.  Many persisted and eventually more people came and began building a new way of life.  These people were called colonists.

Pilgrims & FreedomThe colonists were strong people but they continued to be “tied” to the king of their “motherland.”  This would not have been a bad thing except the king continued to rule over them – demanding high taxes – licenses and often bloodshed.  He continued to govern them with a strong hand and military force.   The taxes he demanded from them were not used for any needs in their new land or for the betterment of their lives… only for the king… He owned them, or so he thought.

The colonists worked hard and suffered much for their land, businesses and way of life.  Many lost loved ones, families, friends and neighbors.  Why should a king, across the ocean demand so much from them and dictate their way of life, when he cared nothing for them?  They wrote Declarations, Proclamations and signed Constitutions to establish governments locally and eventually nationally.  The colonists grew and their way of life was special.


King ObamaThe king became angry with the people of the new land as they attempted to ignore his rules, regulations and laws.  He became stern and violent with them and caused great pain and suffering.  The colonists were sad that the motherland would continue to hound them in such a way and decided to rebel.  Rebelling meant a complete breaking away and officially establishing a new government; a new nation based on freedom to own property, freedom to worship differently than the king and freedom to protect self and property.  A great war broke out – a revolution was at hand.



The colonists fought hard and sacrificed much; many died, many suffered.  Time marched on, the revolution was won and a new nation was born.  The A True Patriot!United States of America adopted a Bill of Rights as well as a Constitution and became the FREE land of opportunity.  Many believed America to be the land flowing with milk and honey, people came from all corners of the globe and the nation grew and grew, becoming– rich in wealth and in power.

Over 200 years passed and the land is now modern, but nothing has changed.  The men are strong and brave and there is no king to dictate to the people.  The government is now large enough that it takes care of the weaker people.  The government protects the people; there is no need to own a gun or to remain bodily fit and strong.  The government collects taxes for numerous purposes… all for the good of the people.  The government protects the beauty of the land, the weak and endangered animals, roaches and weeds.  The government of the United States is BIG and protects us… the government is here to keep us all safe, comfortable and ‘free.’

Once upon a time in a land far, far away – there was a king… but now we have a government.  Legislators who in their wisdom write laws to keep the people safe.  Senators and Representatives elected by the people now earn salaries much greater than those represented but this is to reward them for the hard work they do while caring for us the people.  We have judges wisely interpreting laws and making sure that our rights and property are safe and not abused.  Yes, America is a free land flowing with milk and honey… The milk must be government inspected and approved as does the honey.  This is for the protection of the people.  We no longer need a king to tax and steal from the people – we have a US Congress.


OncGeorge Washington Quote2e upon a time our Founding Fathers had a dream and they worked that dream… but we have let it slip.  The modern America no longer lives in freedom.  We pay over 50% of our personal earning for taxes of one kind or another.  We must purchase licenses or permits for all kinds of occupations, gun ownership, marriages, ministerial services, marketing, travel, vehicles, operators, contracted services… and on and on the list goes.  Taxes aren’t just for the earnings but for our property, for our inheritance, for our sales, for our every thing.  Insurance is no longer an option for our lives but is legislated as law for many circumstances.

We still believe or pretend we live in a free land… and although it is a rich land of opportunity, our government is binding our resources by restrictions and regulations, taxing us into the poorhouse and keeping the public generally uninformed.  We the people have allowed the government to grow too large and too powerful.  We are now led to believe we must look to the government for every move we make in our lives.  That is not freedom.  Are we now any better off than the ancestors under the thumb of a dictator king?

We pretend we own property but the reality of it is that we are leasing it from our government, much like the landlords of our ancestors.  If we fail to pay taxes or follow legislated and bureau-crated laws and regulations, the government henchmen will come and filch your home and property.  Not FREEDOM ~ not true ownership.

Once upon a time our Founding Fathers fought and established a nation that was a Republic and FREE – That was real, but now our freedoms have diminished and are rapidly becoming non-existent.  Today we no longer live in reality; today we only pretend we are free.

Join the Tea Party Revolution…  Let’s take a stand as our Founding Fathers took; demanding Independence,  Liberty and Freedom!!!





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