September 15, 2014 – Beth Ann Blogging & Talking

Bring America Home - Talk Radio at It's Best    Perhaps a poor pun… but “heads should roll” in DC for the war they wage against our Constitution and the American people…

The US is more vulnerable and weak now than I can ever remember… the community organizer now president of what was once a world’s super power, in every aspect of the phrase… isn’t capable of organizing a one car parade!

From ISIS/ISIL to………….. our economy, the loss of jobs, and…. yep, all the way to school lunches “We’re in a heap a trouble my friends!”

America is uniting… CSC Talk Radio listeners and callers seem to have a grasp on what’s happening but the challenge is to focus on the goal –  that goal is LIBERTY!

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While the DC Occupiers from the White House to Congress continue to play politics and make policy for self gain as well as “elections,” We The People suffer and seem to be the targeted victims of their “policies.”

The beheading and videoing taping of such evil is outrageous but we should not allow them to bring such fear to our lives.  Bullies and such are they, however we are a FREE people.  Their religion binds them while Christianity frees.   To fear them is to be enslaved.

David C Haines, Victim of ISIS

‘Act of Pure Evil’:

ISIS Video Depicts Beheading of British Hostage.    


We must, as Americans, teach the world not to fear such evil – don’t allow them to win in such a manner.    How long has this been going on; this bullying and terror tactic to distraught others?   Americans stand up and exercise your FIRST AMENDMENT!

The Greatest GenerationSo, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance”.

President  Delano Roosevelt

This nation has been the victim of terror before and will be again – but we must stand as tall as that “greatest generation” and face the fear – defeat the terror!


Richard Miller shared this in “Friends of Liberty”



“Obama’s War On… Semantics!!”

He said the world would change on the 20th of January 2009

The country would be rid of George a Bush. All would be fine

Obama would so heal the world and dismantle W’s war on terror

But after six long disgusting years we see that he was in error

ISIS with their barbarism has changed all that and it has become apparent

that Obama will pass on a WAR to the next incoming President

With his sickening  narcissism Obama felt that nothing was beyond his reach

But he has fallen far short. You can hear people crying out, “IMPEACH!!”

This ‘counter terrorism’ we’re hearing about does not need explanation

for the policies being proposed would be the same in a third W administration

Obama and Kerry have debacle after debacle. They are clueless turds

Now with this ongoing ISIS crisis these fools spend time playing with words

Someone should give Obama a dictionary to look up the meaning of WAR

He probably can’t find the time as he’s busy breaking or making new law

He is in quite a quandary. Don’t forget this man is a Noble Peace Prize winner

To me and many others he is nothing but detestable, disgusting law breaker!



Michelle Obama declares war on school lunches and American Children

Michelle Obama and/or Congress have absolutely NO business dictating what you feed your children for lunch.  Michelle believes she can make it her business with her so called “War on obesity” ~  Michelle is the “calorie counting terrorist.”   She obviously has no clue what growing children need in the way of calories, nutrition and fat in their diets –I bet her daughters are eating mighty good; don’t you!!!


I like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and when I was young that’s what I took in my lunch nearly every day.  I’m certain this doesn’t meet the “standards” set by Michelle the calorie counting terrorist, but my mother knew I would eat my P&J sandwich – which I did!  Included in my lunch box were a couple of pennies to buy my carton of milk to go with my P&J each lunch.

Mothers know their children and Michelle Obama has no business being the nosey calorie-counting terrorist, bullying our children and our local public schools.   Parents and only parents need to be the ones making the decisions regarding the nutrition of their children and ignore Michelle Obama…. STAND UP TO THE BULLY.  I’d gladly debate this woman any day regarding the needs of children and the overreach of her so-called authority in American families.

How many meals do you believe Michelle Obama has actually planned & prepared for her daughters?

DC Occupiers and Michelle Obama… need to BACK OFF and allow American families to be free to choose their own food!  (Healthy or not!)

From our Public schools to ISIS it seems the American people and their families once again reap the terror from DC Occupies!

Patriots Defending Liberty

You are a Republic

You are Sovereign

You are Patriots

You have a PEN –

You have a PHONE


Make your voices known!