Resolution For Republican Clubs To Adopt

Before you join the bandwagon and condemn Ben Carson or Donald Trump for their disapproval of a Muslim holding the highest position of our land, read the 1856 Resolution of the Republican Clubs.   There is no denying that Sharia Law – the law of Muslims is in complete disagreement with our United States Constitution!

If an oath  to that office is taken on the Quaran rather than the Bible – I believe there’s a great deceiving of the people taking place.  The Quaran does not coincide with US Constitutional Laws!

Compare this to the “politically correct” rhetoric we are “forced” to listen to today; from politicians and media!  Of course this was WAY before the ACLU – who fight for PC unless you’re a Christian!

Resolution for Republican Clubs to Adopt

Membership will not be extended to anyone who espouses, promotes or defends beliefs which are antithetical to the freedoms, equality and spirit of the original Republican Party Platform of 1856, which stated as its purpose: “to eliminate the twin relics of barbarism, slavery and polygamy.”

A person is excluded from membership if they espouse a political system which allows even one of the following:

*Beating a Wife – espousing a system that allows a man to beat his wife if she disobeys him

*Polygamy – espousing a system that allows a man to have more than one wife

*Punishment for Rape – espousing a system which whips, stonesSHARIA LAW-PIC or inflicts corporal punishment on a woman who has been a victim of rape

*Dress – espousing a system in which a woman not wearing a particular dress or covering in public is subject to discrimination, threats and violence

*Sex Slavery – espousing a system which allows involuntary marriages

*Age of Consent – espousing a system that allows men to marry a girl who is under the age of consent

*Divorce – espousing a system which facilitates men divorcing their wives without due process of law, such as by simply saying “I divorce you.”

*Alimony – espousing a system which denies alimony to a woman who has been divorced

*Visiting Rights – espousing a system which denies a woman who has been divorced access to her own children

*Kidnapping of Children – espousing a system which allows a father to take a woman’s children to another country which has laws denying her rights to her own children

*No Equality for Women – espousing a system which teaches that men are more equal than women before the law, in contradiction to the spirit of the Declaration of Independence: “ALL men are created equal.”

*Name Calling – espousing a system which calls any race of people “apes or pigs”

*Death Threats – espousing a system that issues death threats on someone for leaving their faith community

*Corporal Punishment – espousing a system that cuts off parts of a person’s body as punishment for a crime

*No Honesty – espousing a system that advocates lying to gain access into a group, then using their membership to subvert the group

*Pledge of Allegiance– espousing a system which disdains or discourages American citizens from pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of America

*Israel – espousing a system that refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and/or advocates killing Jews or other ethnic groups


Does any of this sound like “liberty?” Does any of this read to be discrimination against women and others?   
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