Obama The Lion-Hearted


By Beth Ann

Obama has NO heart for America but speaks boldly for a slain lion… in another country… by a legal citizen of America, who paid a high dollar to “poach” this lion. Wrong as that was – and it was wrong – my heart is broken that to the world, America seems to care more for a lion, than for its own citizens.

To be Lion-Hearted as was termed for King Richard, one must love his people, his citizens.

President Obama has done more defending of criminals, instigating of riots, scolding of Americans and overstepping his bounds Constitutionally, however, Obama cares NOT about the citizens murdered by illegal aliens… he cares NOT about murdering babies and selling their body parts for profit…

Why and how can I state this? I say this because Obama refuses to defend America, his actions speak much louder than his rhetorical words.

Obama has YET to call the family of Kate, who was murdered in California by an illegal alien…

Obama refuses to recognize America is under attack by ISIS…radical Islam! He took nearly a week before calling our National flag to half-mast to honor our soldiers murdered in Chattanooga, Tennessee BY a radical Islamic terrorist.

Obama refuses to acknowledge Planned Parenthood as a racist organization – founded by Margaret Sanger an outspoken evil woman, practicing white supremacy… (whom Hillary Clinton admires). Planned Parenthood represents more evil, more murders of blacks a stronger hate and racism than our  American policemen have done or than a Confederate flag ever did.  The flag never murdered anyone nor did the flag stand for murder or slavery… it stood for Sovereignty! Instead Obama approves of an investigation against The Center for Medical Progress, who exposed the truth of Planned Parenthood Clinics and their evil practices for profits.

Did you know – if you have not declared or designated in anyway for your organs to be used after your death – not even your family or spouse can “give them away?” Yet Planned Parenthood gets permission from no one – to use those body parts… to SELL those body parts. The mother of the murdered life knows nothing of what is happening to that “tissue-life” that was just stolen from her body. She has been deceived and taken advantage of by those who would tell her, this is the best way to handle your “situation.”

We have a crisis in our land America! Our reasoning and morals are selfishly led and emotionally driven… Americas poor, weak and downtrodden are being enslaved and taken advantage of – for profit!!

If you cry and scream for a murdered lion – why do you not cry and scream for millions of American babies who are murdered and then have their body parts harvested for profiKIMMEL AND THE LIONt? Why do you not cry and scream over the violent crimes committed by illegal aliens against American citizens? Why do you not cry and scream for justice over the murders in Benghazi, which have been treasonously covered up??

King Richard was called the Lion-Hearted because he would fight like a lion for the rights of his people – his pride. I call Obama lion-hearted because his heart is with a slain lion as he ignores his people – the US citizens, the pride of America!


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