A Republic Government: The Original New World Order

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Marita Noon

Today on CSC Talk Radio my guest was Marita Noon with www.EnergyMakesAmericaGreat.org  Marita and I talked about our nation’s natural resources, government infringements and restrictions… we talked about the importance of property rights… Private Property!  She stays up on the latest and we agree that our government is taking land and restricting growth in this nation; depriving us the ordinary citizen from our natural God given rights.  

So many times we are told we’re living in a “global society” now and we need to change our way of thinking.  Thus, I suppose, just reason for our government selling us out and binding us up!

Education is important and getting into action is as well…  I remembered this article I wrote a few years ago… So, when you hear the phrase “New World Order” reply this way…

We are the New World “Order”

By Beth Schoenberg

As I was listening to the words of my favorite American historian, Bill Federer when he mentioned the search and discovery of the New World, when it struck me like a lightening bolt, as if a revelation; New World!!!  It hit me then and there – by golly – WE ARE THE NEW WORLD!!!

We keep listening to the “new world order” speeches and the global this and that ideologies but 234 years ago we were the new world.  New, because our Founding Fathers believed this country to be ordained by Creator God.  We were a new order of government;  God is first – then the people. People established the states, the states established the government; as in federal government.  Socialism, communism, kings and royalty-dictatorships, tyrannical governments have all been tried and have all failed.  A Republic government was a new idea; an independent idea that our Founding Fathers believed to be ordained by God.

Why is it then that our current leadership (in the last 15-20 years) has decided to separate God from our government?  Let me try to explain as I personally understand…   Article I of our Bill of Rights states; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”    What this is saying is that our government can mandate NO law regarding religion or to disallow you, me or any business from exercising religious practices.  We are also FREE to speak out against the government practices and/or legislation. (Good thing for me- huh?) Yet the ACLU has turned this around as a separation or an elimination of God in government rather than the restriction of government from our personal religious beliefs.  Article one limits the power of government, not people.

If we take God out of the equation, which we practically have, then the origin of our New World’s order will collapse and the power will be flip-flopped to where it was never intended to be; God at the bottom of the power pyramid; the federal government at the top.  In all other countries the “government” rules but in a Republic government the People rule…

There is and has been from the beginning of this new world a movement to “take it.”  Mankind is greedy for power and money; that will never change.  The battle for freedom and liberty is never over, it is a constant battle… our federal government is out of control; I think most of us are in agreement there BUT our federal government was never meant to be in control – the states are to control the federal government and the people are to control the states – truly a unique and independent way of running a country – a new order of power in the New World of America.

It’s imperative that we remember our heritage in this country.  Without knowledge of our Revolutionary War history we cannot fully understand that “we are the New World Order” of government.  “We the People” are the ones in charge – and of course we should be allowing our God to be in charge of us.  If we are not a Christian people in this nation, this order of government will not succeed; I believe that is evident today as we watch our freedoms slip-sliding away as socialism takes their place.  We have government officials apologizing to other nations for our actions and disclaiming our Christian heritage, thus to recreate our order and remove God and the people from charge and put government as head.

I had a gentleman visit the office recently.  He popped in and said, I didn’t realize you are still on the air…  I looked at him and said “I’ve been on the air now over a year, are you  not listening to the show?”  He replied that talking about the problems isn’t solving anything and just pessimistic; he just didn’t care to listen to anything anymore.  I explained to him that it isn’t about complaining, it’s about educating and he needed to return to CSC Talk Radio.  I also shared with him that Americans are waking up and there is a movement to “take our country back.”  He seemed encouraged and I hope he is going to tune us in regularly now…

I know I sound like a broken record as I encourage all of you to study our history, read your Bible and GET INVOLVED!  Join groups and support organizations that are fighting and working to better this nation and bring us back to our Republic New World Order.

We must STAND FAST  STAND STRONG AND STAND FIRM… out of respect and honor for the sacrifices made by our Founding Fathers and for the future generations of this nation.





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