CSC Talk Radio Celebrates 800th Show with Special Guests


Today is a special day for CSC Talk Radio –  this is our 800th show…

It doesn’t seem possible that May 2, 2014 marked CSC Talk Radio 3rd anniversary on air & now Friday May 23rd, 2014 is 800th show on my own as CSC Talk Radio

I’m sharing on air today for this special occasion FOUR important people… there are many more but the hour only allows a limited amount of time.  I invited other but they were unable to be here because they were busy in the fight for liberty at this hour.

GOATS Paul Hamby with Hamby Dairy Supply has been a sponsor from the getgo of CSC Talk Radio.  He’s also been a friend & loyal to the fight for liberty for many years.  Paul is active in his state; talking to legislators and sitting in on hearings.  He’s a busy man running a family owned business – an advocate for liberty and a constant as an advocate for rural American & Independence.   Be sure to visit Paul let him know how much you appreciate his constant support of CSC Talk

CAVALRY               Mindy Patterson founder of The Cavalry Group is one of the most gifted women for liberty that I know.  She has a gift for cutting through the chase and seeing the truth behind bureaucracy and exactly how that will affect folks down on the farm and ranch.  She’s an advocate for fulltime farmers, pet breeders, horsemen, cattle ranchers as well as those who are backyard hobby & survivalist farmers and ranchers…  Mindy has been helping the NY Horse & Carriage friends.    HSUS and ASPCA had better beware, Mindy & The Cavalry Group are coming to save the day and they are not going to let you ruin the America way of life for your “precious-distorted” agendas.   Join Mindy in this constant vigil for liberty.

  Sheriff Mack & Beth AnnSheriff Richard Mack ~ Richard and I go back many years, back to a time when I was working for my mentor Derry Brownfield…  Sheriff remains a constant patriot for liberty and Constitution.  Most of you know Sheriff Mack is the bold sheriff that took on the Clinton administration and WON!  The Supreme Court Ruled against big government and for the Sheriffs and for State’s Rights.  Mack/Printz v. USA ~ The Victory For State Sovereignty!   Help Sheriff Mack and his CSPOA continue to preserve & protect liberty.


Sheep & Wolves  Jim Beers – Jim is the Retired USFWS biologist that witnessed first had the agenda, stupidity and infringements against liberty perpetrated by government bureaucracy.  Retired is not truly Jim – he’s constantly out there speaking truth and helping all of us understand: “the wolf is not our friend” ~ nor is the cougar nor are any of the bureaucratic department that exist only to control and render We The People defenseless.


   MB900360684 Jim also contributes to THE PEN – the official newsletter of CSC Talk Radio.    Purchase your subscription today and buy another for a friend.  We have got to work together to bring back commonsense & liberty for the future of this nation.  THE PEN is bimonthly $24.95 yearly.  Subscriber for yourself and one other~ In that you become a PEN PAL  J   Take a copy to the barber shop, beauty shop, local sheriff’s office, medical clinic, church library, local library.  It was said in the day’s of our revolution, there were newsletters shared and passed around.  These were meant to inform citizens of the truth (because the King’s media did not) as well as encourage one another to stand fast & stand steady.

It seems nearly impossible that CSC Talk Radio has now had 800 shows and Monday will be 801…  I can share with you too, it has been by the grace of God that I’ve been able to keep broadcasting.  Starting a new show has had many challenges and there have been more than a few obstacles to overcome… Working alone can be draining personally but I’ve but is had been extremely rewarding.  The sacrifices I’ve made on a personal level have been substantial. I’m praying that like the Greek proverb ……“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”… And like our Founding Father’s, it is my prayer that in some small way, CSC Talk Radio is able to do one big thing – BRINGING AMERICA HOME©



It is a mission and I feel it is a calling.  So as long as I am able to keep the lights on, I will continue to host CSC Talk Radio.

It’s important that we all

stand-fast stand strong and stand together!

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