The Significance of a Slamming Screen Door to ‘We the People’



Today marks another anniversary of CSC Talk Radio… 3- years ago today, May 2ND I gave birth to a new talk show.  For obvious reasons, I have mixed feelings high & low about this day…   My good friend Kay helped me that weekend, as we had to rush to make it happen…  she has had to move on BUT still remains a dear friend and advocate for liberty…

However… pressing on for liberty and freedom is the mission of the show…  I personally took a great risk and gamble … per you the listeners’ requests to “Ride for the Brand” of a man who many of you still remember fondly –– the personal sacrifice has been tremendous and remains a great burden.  BUT I’m also amazed and proud of the accomplishments & struggles CSC Talk Radio has been able to endure.

While the mission remains constant … I’m a completely and totally different person from my mentor, Derry Brownfield… He would be the first to say… that’s ok… that’s the American way! 

I’ve ventured out into new territory as I attempt to reach out to more of our American family…  CSC Talk Radio is trying to wake them up and point to the crack in our liberty…

Social media is a scary place to be but I’ve encountered many new patriot friends here… who are also using that forum to share and speak out for liberty & freedoms.  Yesterday – I added this blog to the website…  it is open for you to comment and chime in…  I shared that news at home and husband asked… “How are you going to do one more thing?”    …but you see… I simply must!

CSC Talk Radio – is a forum for you the listeners.   That makes it unique from most other talk shows.  I’m not and probably never will be one of the “large talking heads” because my goal is to present solutions not just rant on the obvious problems and talk politics & parties.

I’m humbled that you invite me into your home each weekday morning – sharing commonsense and perhaps a cup of coffee with Beth Ann…  I’m honored when you call~

My slogan/tag… passion of BRING AMERICA HOME came to me one night as I was contemplated changes that were necessary…  the song at the end of the show each day – is my youngest son…  He wrote that song – he picks that song… and he titled it that song… “Coming Home.”    He wrote that song 3 years before CSC Talk Radio was even thought about.  He gave it to me to use and I demanded the slamming of the screen door – “I’M HOME!”   Everyday that door & voice is a reminder of days past in America… and why it’s so important to keep pressing on, speaking out & fighting for our God & our Constitution…

One day will we hear that slamming door?  Will we be on the inside, enjoying the peace of Faith in God – His liberty … will we be listening to the laughter of our children enjoying their freedoms?  OR will We the People be on the outside of that door wishing we’d been awake and prepared before those takers who stormed our land for greed of power and wealth?

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