How Do You Defend Truth? (hint: you don’t have to)

5-15-14                 Commentary – Beth Ann Blogging & Talking



I laughed and gasped but was amazed at this story…


Need a Friend Cats


Then I got to thinking about the reason this is so amazing…

Cats are the most independent creatures – my granny used to say.   AND it’s true…   This cat attacking an enemy aggressive dog – it virtually unheard of…

We’ve heard stories of human attacks – wondered in horror and awe why others would stand by and allow the attack to continue…   The Cat seemed to think it was his business!   Is it fear?  Is it apathy?  Why do we sit and do nothing…

We need to be that attack cat!!!



This nation is under attack – and the attack is coming within!

Hannity is not an attack cat – (sorry buddy) ~  Why does he decide to move ~ Granted he appears to have plenty of money to go anywhere he desires but claims it’s because Governor Cuomo said “Conservatives aren’t welcome in New York” ~ well tell Cuomo “tough toenails!” Conservatives love for Constitutional values for liberty are what gives him and other liberal the boldness to say the stupid things they says.


A NOTE FROM A LISTENER:  A government man came to inspect a schools kitchen and food service meals this week. After which he had told them they were doing fine. He then returned the next day to call the dietician and head cook in the superintendents’ office [the superintendent missing] telling them they weren’t following the governments rules about what they were feeding the children.

The school is paying more for the food they serve because of the government’s rules from Mrs. Obama’s. Now they are told they have to put it on the tray even if children won’t eat it and just throw it away. Mrs. Obama’s program is as our friend Derry Would Say it is “Ignorance Gone To SEED!”

The government man now says the Ham they serve should be 3 ounces not the 1 ounce they told them in the paper work.

There have been many schools withdraw form the program because the children are starving on the meals the Obama plan wants to force us to use in school systems.

Beth I believe this is more than “Ignorance Gone To Seed,” it is total STUPIDITY!!!! I know their time is limited however how much more can we stand of their STUPIDITY???? Communist or Muslim Government will not be tolerated in this country I don’t believe..

Friend:  I believe this is an attack on our children.  FIRST I cringe at the statement… “weren’t following government rules” ~ The last  person/people I would trust caring for my children is “government” people and I certainly wouldn’t trust Michelle Obama to feed my sons when they were in those growing years.  Although it makes me smile to think what would happen if she was given that challenge for even 24 hours!  I’m thinkin’ that woman might be a bit disheveled by the end of the day. 

Without proper nutrition are children cannot grow physically.  Without proper nutrition our children will not be able to learn properly.   I can tell you quite frankly – as an attack cat (momma) I would never let these jokers tell me what food to feed my children, how much food to feed my children and certainly not how to “serve” the food to my children.  I’m certain I would also be guilty of “not following government rules.” 

IRS is a Bully – where is the mainstream media?  Where is the attack cat?  Of course I’ve been thinkin’ as I read this…

#1 we seem to do a lot of investigating but we never seem to accomplish any justice in any of these stories of corruption.

#2 If we didn’t have taxes, we wouldn’t have the IRS and if we didn’t have the IRS – we wouldn’t have this contemptuous mess.


Illegal Immigrants:  ICE released 88,000 convicted “illegal” immigrant criminals.  While President Obama says in reference to our illegal population, “Most of them are not making trouble.”


It would appear that Obama doesn’t consider homicides, sexual assaults, kidnapping, aggravated assaults, auto thefts… and other crimes to be making trouble…  I paraphrase… “They ain’t so bad!”  Yeah, Right!   Well, perhaps we need some attack cats guarding our borders – ‘cause our president doesn’t seem to care about the security of this nation, its citizens or our children.


DIVERSITY? TOLERANCE? NOT IN THE MEDIA…    I wasn’t able to share this in full today but it is a good article by Joseph Farah of WND… I think you’ll enjoy his comments and observations.


The attacks we’re experiencing in this nation – attacks against liberty & freedom… go unchallenged by the mainstream media… 

If your vote didn’t matter – why are they monkeying with the process?  Why is there an attack on the “Electoral College?”   BECAUSE IT DOES MATTER!!!

 Surround yourself


PATRIOTS – We need you to go on the prowl…  We need Attack Cats for Liberty … We need to…



 I Am That Somebody