Turning a Blind Eye to Journalism’s Code of Ethics

5-13-2014 – CSC TALK RADIO COMMENTARY – Beth Ann Blogging & Talking

Do You Rely On The Mainstream Media?

 MainStream Media & Truth

Our topic today ~ The mainstream or lame-stream media… How big a roll do they play in our everyday lives and what you actually consider about the politics and policies here in our land today?

I shared several news stories today that I believe bear some deep thought and with the reality that mainstream schmoozes and slants the news according to their own agendas and perhaps it’s time we consider another avenue for our “news.”   Let me go so far as to say, We the People should hold the media as accountable as the politicians for the corruption in DC politics –

Let’s look at several items of news today

BenghaziWhy has the mainstream media not sought out the answers to these questions?  1) Why was Chris Stevens in Benghazi the night he was killed?  2) Why were we the last flag flying after the other nations left – after the Red Cross was bombed?  3) Why were requests for additional security ignored or denied?  4)  Why was the ambassador’s request, weeks in advance for additional security, left unheeded? 5) Why was there no assistance deployed after/during the siege? 6)  Did the President call any American allies and ask for help, we’re under attack?   7) Why was Susan Rice chosen for Sunday Talk interviews instead of the Secretary of State?  8) What is the truth & origin of the so-called video the Whitehouse announced to be the reason for the rioting attack?  http://www.restoringhistory.us/blog/video-trey-gowdy-takes-the-media-to-the-woodshed-over-benghazi

Hillary Brain Tumor –  http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/rove-hillary-brain-damage/2014/05/12/id/570952/?ns_mail_uid=62798040&ns_mail_job=1568909_05132014&promo_code=avaohqus

If this is investigative reporting… well…. I think we know it’s nothing more than a political move to sabotage her “maybe presidential run” in 2016.   Why not report the truth about this woman’s inadequacies to lead and stop presenting what “might be” but tell what is?  Whether Hillary is fit to serve of not should be judged on the truth of what she has done…  We can start with how she initiated her leadership skills when our US Embassy was attacked in Benghazi.  Let’s not forget her success in the healthcare reform when her husband was president.  Do the terms HMOs & PPOs ring a bell?  Of course that chaos seems mild compared to Obamacare.

Transgender in the military…  ADD LINK ~ In light of all that is happening in our nation; the turmoil of a failing economy, unemployment, bureaucratic goons bullying citizens, corruptions run amok… is the topic of transgenders in our military deserving of high priority on the discussion table?  I believe this kind of news to be a distraction from the truth and another intentional weakening of our nation’s military.

Liar-Liar Pants Are On Fire OR “They made me do it?”  Geithner confesses to being asked to lie about Social Security ~ (WAIT have we ever been told the truth about social security?)  Of course my Mother would have asked – “If they’d have asked/told you to jump off a cliff would you have done that?”  http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Timothy-Geithner-mislead-viewers-book/2014/05/12/id/570922/?ns_mail_uid=62798040&ns_mail_job=1568909_05132014&promo_code=avaohqus

Citizens have been lied to about Social Security since day one.  We were told it would not and could not be used as identification… yep, mine actually says that on my card!  Perhaps we could legally do something about that “binding promise” of contract – breached!

There are no excuses in what the mainstream media does with “our news.”  There is little to no true investigative reporting ~ The question today is:  “Does the Mainstream media play a roll in your daily life?”   Do you trust and rely on them to be truthful?  Look beyond their agendas and know that Americans have got to get involved and hold all these people accountable.  I’m not impressed with the accolades given to their careers, when they’ve failed to keep truth and integrity in their profession.

“We hold these truths to be self evident…”  It’s evident to me that there is very little truth reported by today’s mainstream media.


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