“Life, Liberty And The Pursuit of Happiness” Are Still The American Dream!

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Beth Ann host of CSC Talk Radio     Today is the last day of Summer 2014 – as tomorrow is the first official calendar day of Fall-2014.

 “Life, Liberty And The Pursuit of Happiness” Are Still The American Dream!

 Road to Success is always under construction

Brian Watson, CEO and Founder of Northstar Commercial Partners, (www.northstarcp.com) as well as Founder of Opportunity Coalition (www.opporunitycoalition.com)

I visited with Brian about work ethics in America ~ made my pet peeve known to the world… “When a store clerk just slides your bag with you purchase over and doesn’t hand it to you” ~  Whatever happened to eye contact and a Thank You!  (…with a smile of course!)

Government alphabet bureaucrats have stifled industry and productivity in our nation but that doesn’t mean we can’t stand up and fight back; after all it’s un-American to give up!   We are a diverse nation with ideas to fill the needs of our multitude!  That’s why America is the land of entrepreneurs.

Americas Abundance by Ayn Rand    Government cannot help, except for “getting out of the way” and let Free Enterprise work its magic!

Government has been fighting the “War on Poverty” for 50 years now, has spent $22 Trillion dollars in that war.  All it has to show are more Americans on welfare.   We are suffering from unintended consequences of “helping” by enabling Americans.  If the idea was to help folks through a “rough patch” in life – it has failed miserably by putting rules and regulations that keep a person down rather than to encourage them to work and lift themselves up.

Founding Fathers & Pursuit of Happiness

It discourages marriage and encourages out of wedlock births.  Fifty years ago only 7% of children were born out of marriage now that is a discouraging 42%.   Breaking down and weakening the family structure is not the way to improve life or help those who are down become independent productive citizens again!

Skilled jobs…factory workers… whether on an assembly line, sales people, accountants, receptionists, administrators etc… when a business starts up they hire workers!  Businesses are good for communities!

  Facts & Numbers Confuse   $15 minimum wage debate continues to rage on.  Commonsense tells us there will be numerous unintended consequences should this happen.  It will raise the prices of food, services and products… it will eliminate the hours of workers and it will more than likely bring smaller companies to their knees.   While $15 an hour sounds good to the ears, it will cost much more than that “raise” you think you’re getting!

Brian gave us some wise advice… I hope you’ll listen now if you weren’t able earlier today  https://csctalkradio.com/life-liberty-and-the-pursuit-of-happiness-are-still-the-american-dream/

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God Bless America

It’s up to us America – to bond together for a common goal, that which will benefit out nation most… new businesses and jobs!

Put those entrepreneurial thinkin’ caps on – and lets