Great show today! I enjoyed visiting with seven listeners from five states: Thank you CSC Talk Radio listeners in Michigan, Illinois, South Dakota, Virginia and New Hampshire! What a great way to know we truly are accomplishing our mission to BRING AMERICA HOME©

With the official announcement from Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic presidential candidate – I shared 15 Facts About Hillary Clinton:

I asked you the listeners –
Tell me WHY to vote for Hillary OR why NOT to vote for Hillary…

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I shared Mitt Romney’s comments on the disappointment of the lack of integrity and honesty from Harry Reid and that he was happy Reid would soon be gone from the Senate…

Romney shared his views on Hillary – calling her a “creature of Washington” who doesn’t offer any new blood.


Romney: Hillary Clinton is a ‘Creature of Washington’

The difference between Mainstream media and CSC Talk Radio is lacking an agenda – WAIT – I do have an agenda… BRING AMERICA HOME©… back to commonsense, integrity, God, family, jobs… and LIBERTY! However, the article I share should be of interest to you.

Press Ignores Obama’s Bogus ‘Mea Culpa’ on Length of Economy’s ‘Recovery’

Why did the mainstream media not mention this as if it was a travesty?

I suppose all of us have an agenda, however, we in the media/radio/reporting business should be equal and honest in reporting. I’m a talk show host – it’s no secret I have a bias – but I try to always report truth as well as the good, the bad and the ugly regarding both the Democrat and the Republican parties. WHY?

Because it’s not about party – it’s about