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I missed you today – as I left CSC Talk Radio in the capable hands of Melody Burns.  Melody is another woman fighting for liberty and commonsense in this nation.   Be sure to visit her and thank her for all she’s doing and thank her for helping CSC Talk Radio!

Melody Speaks

(Melody Burns speaking in Philadelphia, May 2013)

Melody reminded us that it, June 6, 2014 was the anniversary of D-Day!   I even managed to call into Free-4-All-Friday and Melody, as she hosted in my absence and give my thanks to those great heroes too.

Greatest Generation-Hill

I was away from the studio because I spoke in Marion, Illinois at an annual fundraising banquet hosted by “Little Egypt – Friends of NRA”  ~  100% of the net proceeds will support programs such as local youth shooting teams, 4-H, Boy Scouts, ROTC, gun range development, Hunter Safety, Eddie Eagle, Women on Target, etc…  Taking care of their local area is the American way!  When I say every day on air helping this nation starts local – this is a huge part of that… a huge part of BRINGING AMERICA HOME©

I spoke with Webb Smith, Co-Chairman, he said they set another record fundraising event.  WAY TO GO “LITTLE EGYPT.”   I have to confess this was my first time to attend such an event and I learned a great deal.  They had over 400 present participating in the fun & fundraising!  There was food, raffles, live auction, silent auctions and much more!   These leaders had the event down to a fine art and were quite proficient in keeping the night moving along…

There were lots of laughs and smiles in the night and another year to be sure to help out local organizations.


 It was my honor to be a part of this annual event ~  it was a room full of patriots!  Those folks were there to help better aid and support their community.  As we began the evening with the Pledge of Allegiance we recognized our veterans… there was one hero there from “The Greatest Generation” ~ How can we not be moved to tears?

It was my privilege to lead the Pledge as well as our National Anthem…  while I was a guest speaker it was those present who were the ones to be saluted!

As I kept my talk non political, we talked about patriotism, our Founding Fathers and the Passion that so moved our ancestors.  They fought for Liberty – they fought for Independence and they established a REPUBLIC!   My challenge to all present was that we Americans today carry on the fight.

Liberty & Freedom is never won – there’s always someone lurking around the corner ready to take what you have and force their power over you.

We can work together in this nation just like the members of Little Egypt work together in their community there in  Marion Illinois ~ That’s what it’s all about…




Beth Ann is available to speak for your organization or community event.  She can help motivate and encourage all with her light, commonsense and positive attitude. 

Whether using humor, straight talk or a song…

She will unite Americans to BRING AMERICA HOME©

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