3000 Pages of EPA Rules and “Moral Obligation”



CSC Talk Radio welcomed Marita Noon again today.  Marita is the Executive Director of  Energy Makes America Great!   (www.energymakesamericagreat.org)   Today we discussed the recent release of the EPA’s new rules for CO2 emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired electricity generating plants.

In her article, “Welcome to the ‘No Pee’ Section of the Swimming Pool,” Marita gives details regarding the 3000 pages of EPA rules.


We discussed how our bureaucracy is taxation without representation.  The EPA & NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) are about seizing up the U.S.’s natural resources.  They are pushing forward their war on Climate Change (I thought this was the President “for change?”) regardless of the cost to American jobs and our increasingly failing economy.    One article I read quoted EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, as saying, “We have a moral obligation to act.”   To who or what does Gina McCarthy have a moral obligation?  Is the families that will lose their jobs for all the EPA regulations?  Is it the US Economy for which the EPA regulations will possible be the final nail in the coffin?  Is her obligation to a fictitious “Global Warming” and all the mother earth worshippers who believe the sky if falling?  (again, none of their predictions of doom and gloom have yet come to fruition… from the predictions of global cooling to global warming and now since none can be proven, climate change.)

 Climate Change

Climate Change and President Obama are a curious combination, don’t you agree!  Does he truly believe he has such power as to control this planet?  I’m chuckling as I’m certain Creator God might be too.  Oh the arrogance of this administration! Oh the greed of them all.  For you see, it isn’t now, nor has it ever been about the climate or the health of this earth.  There might be a few who believe the nonsense but the majority, including Al Gore, are profiting greatly preaching their “mother earth” needs us to save her speeches.

Global Warming Frozen Gore

We had the democrats actually filibuster in protest to global warming… yep, God must be laughing or He’s furious with them… either way, they’re in trouble.

So… Gina McCarthy has an obligation indeed… and that obligation is to the America People.  For her to own up to the truth and the AGENDA of this “climate change agenda.”

Global Warming Map

My best words of advice to all of you – stay on the phones, send the letter’s of grievances I’m preparing for you…  and don’t let the Senators approve any of this climate-change /greenie propaganda!!

The EPA just will not quit!  Their agenda is to stop this nation from using our natural resources.  The regulation will never be enough until all Coal Industries are closed.  How many jobless families will that mean?

Keep in touch with Marita Noon – she’s our energy reporter.  She’s a part of CSC Talk Radio the first Tuesday of every month!

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As the American Republic, it is our OBLIGATION to stop this foolishness and


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