What and Which Media Do You Trust?


WEEK’S SUMMARY….. JUNE 23 – 27, 2014 


The work/show week began with Monday, (June 23, 2014)…  as they usually do:

Bud May was my guest and we discussed the “gov” land grab taking place in South Dakoto…   So it would seem sovereign states… and sovereign nations… mean nothing to the evil corporation running this nation with their bullying bureaucrats… REPUBLIC…WAKE UP! 

Tuesday:  Tony Intiso was my guest.  We discussed the US INC… and how WE THE PEOPLE have been duped & doubled crossed.  BUT Our Constitution is still in place even if the EVIL CORP isn’t using/obeying it…  It is up to us – WE THE PEOPLE to WAKE UP and take this nation back… BRING AMERICA HOME©

Wednesday:  Melody Cedarstrom was my guest… Discount Gold and Silver Trading… is one of CSC Talk Radio’s sponsors…  BUT more importantly Melody has been in business almost 20 years – meeting the needs of her customers…putting your trust in her as your precious medal supplier & buyer.   We talked about the Gold Standard… if that will ever happen again… .what does that mean to us now…  I shared an article by Alfred Adask…

Thursday:  It was my time with your…no guest!   My question for the day was…. “Are American Really Ready & Angry for a ‘Hostile Takeover’ in Washington?”    The Tea Party is not a PARTY – it’s PEOPLE/AMERICANS… fighting for liberty…    It would seem talk show hosts are growing in their “influence” ~  maybe… Rush is finally getting it… and Cavuto… he’s showing truth…  MAYBE!!!




According to THE DAILY SIGNAL… American hold very litter confidence in the three major media platforms – television news, newspapers and internet news… dropping from 51% confidence in 1951 to 22% and the Internet is at a low of 19% ~ Phillip Wegmann explained it all and your can visit this link to read for yourself.


What is your level of confidence?  Mainstream Media? Newspapers? Internet?  Do you rely on Radio???

EVIL CORPORATION TAKE OVER 101 YEARS AGO…    You need to order THE PEN…  from December 2013 – we wrapped up  a series of articles… USA INCORPORATED:   We must understand that the elected officials we believe to be our representation are only members of a board to USA Incorporated and the president is the CEO.   We’ve been duped & doublecrossed!

Anthony Intiso writes:  Up until the “Bretton Woods Agreement” the owner ship of Corporation U.S. was “we the people, The United States OF America”. Up until the point of the Quitclaim there was no conflict of interest between our own Constitutional National Government and Corporation U S, because We the People still owned it.

But after the quit claim deed, with the new owner being a foreign entity and having foreign interests, there is a gigantic conflict of interests.


Around 1962 and continuing through 1968. Corp U.S. (now owned by foreign interests) went to ALL the States and pointed out that their Constitutions Prevented them from Legally dealing in foreign currency, bonds or loans.

One by one they formed private corporations just like Corp U. S. and made them self’s sub-corps of Corp U.S.

Proof and examples; “California Republic” became “STATE OF CALIFORNIA”. “Republic of Texas” became “The State of Texas”. “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” became “The State of Pennsylvania” and so on.

SO; When we register to vote we vote for Corporate officials, and not constitutional officials there by vacating the constitutional seats of government.

Well dear reader, I hope you know; 1. Where you are?   2. Where are you going?  And how and what is our constitutional government based on?

Well in October of 1982, Congress and the President officially recognized the basis for our form of government. It’s called Foundational Law. They went so far as to pass a joint bill with no exceptions or amendments and it is still in effect today as PUBLIC LAW 27-280  It recognizes the Bible  and it’s teachings, (“the Bible is the rock upon which our republic rests”) as the basis of Foundational Law.

ANSWER: 1. You are living in a Nation were the chosen form of government is a Constitutional Republic and historically almost no election of government officials have been held since 1913. Where the business of our Nation is being run by a private foreign corporation under a direct conflict of interest AND our Constitutional Government is alive and well, there is just no one sitting in a constitutional seat!!

ANSWER: 2. Considering the fact that you are at war over your freedom, you only have two choices on where to go. You must decide on whose side you’re on.  The side of Liberty, Independence, Freedom and the Creator, or on the side of the private foreign corporation that has labeled you an enemy.

1828 – Webster Dictionary…  Constitutional Dictionary – as it was intended

EXECUTIVE:  Having the quality of executing or performing; as executive power or authority; an executive officer.  Hence, in government, executive is used in distinction from legislators and judicial.  the Body that deliberates and enacts laws, is legislative; the body that judges, or applies the laws to particular cases, is judicial; the body or person who carries the laws into effect, or superintends the enforcement of them, is executive,

EXECUTIVE:  The officers, whether king, president or other chief magistrate, who superintends the execution of the laws; the person who administers the government; executive power or authority in government.

OBAMA IS NOT EXECUTING…  Obama is writing and rewriting laws on his own


You have been educated and you have an obligation to stand up for what’s right!

Stand up for the Republic! 

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