How Far Should You Go to Give Your Trust to Elected Officials?



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As we continue to witness and experience the outlandish, far reaching, intrusive arm of our elected officials… we are looking for the correct solution to put them in their place and restore and save our liberty, as a people and as a nation.

Anthony Intiso, the author of the series of articles that I featured in THE PEN in nine (9) issues last year… “U.S. INCORPORATED,” was my guest today.

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Last Friday’s Free-4-All – became all about the Convention of States.   I am not convinced and neither is Tony.   We are not led by a moral & religious people and we cannot trust our elected to write amendments to our US Constitution.  It is my belief that it would be with disastrous results.   I upset my caller when I questioned him numerous times regarding who will make the final decision. He talked about 38 states to ratify.  The word ratify means nothing to those who already have implemented laws and amendments that were never ratified!  Constitutional procedure means nothing to the power hungry corrupt in Washington DC (DC Occupies) and in many of our State capitals as well.


Anthony Intiso’s website to find out more…


I know I must sound like a broken record to you BUT this of great importance!  If you listened to today’s show  – you’ll hear two very seasoned people in Constitution and Liberty… both agree WE THE PEOPLE absolutely MUST do our part to let the elected know that we are not pleased at all!   As one caller said, “Guilty by Association” ~ if you’re not voting, being involved, keeping in touch with what’s happening, then you too are guilty of the stripping of this nation’s liberty!

As Tony said the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not two separate documents but intended to be as one!  Our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing!  You need to read these documents again and again… (as do I) pay attention to the wording.  AND… let me challenge you to read The Declaration of Independence between now and July 4th~   Read each of their grievances – they had issued to the King… and then compiled in the Declaration to once again express their redress and independence!

It’s so important that we visit this and know what’s happening.  I’m now planning CSC Talk Radio’s July 4th show… we will visit the time line of events…. It is of the utmost urgency now my friends!

Our Founders, not by accident but by design listed the First Amendment over all the others.  We are to follow this procedure in our governing as a Republic!

Amendment I  ~ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


Letter of Grievance #1 – “Statement of grievance against the taking of land for federal management denying the natural rights to the ordinary citizen. 

Letter of Grievance #2 – “Alarming Governing Series of Grievances”

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When the elected receive this letters (there will be more) they have been warned!


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