Guantanamo and Your Information Rights




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The leadership of our nation makes no sense… the act and don’t act with disdain, stupidity and a total lack of forethought – or so it seems to me.  Where’s the logic and strategy in the decisions being made – foreign and domestic…

While bureaucrats run around like crazies bullying American citizens… the DC leadership has no respect for Constitutional prodigal…

We seem to jump from scandal to scandal while the leadership claims no knowledge or responsibility of this or that…  THEN they all of sudden have vast knowledge and make a chess move that is so out of order we are doomed for certain future CHECK MATE!

This latest debacle – the prisoner exchange which seem to be  yet another show of weakness OR ignorance of how to lead OR out and out disloyalty to our nation ~

Prisoner exchange  ~ While this administration was unable to move quickly and save lives in Benghazi back in 2012 – they had a sudden urgency to free Sergeant Bergdahl because they received word he had failing health.  So the prisoner exchange was a trade of 5 harden, Taliban terrorists for one American soldier who, we believe literally stumbled drunk into the hands of the enemy; not a hero captured but a drunken wanderer in the enemies hand since 2009.


Because of the  urgency the protocol of giving Congress 30 days notice was waved; and just like that we have FIVE hardened, terrorist back out in the world free to attack the U.S., to kill American citizens or others who they deem the “enemy.”

I was asked on air “what if that would have been your son?”  YES!  I would have wanted him home…  would I be willing to risk the lives of others for that?  It is said that Bergdahl’s father tweeted, “I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners.”  I have to question, was this prisoner negation for honor of country and the salvation of one soldier or was this DC deal to aid the enemy.

Whether this trade was the honorable decision to make or not why after for five years did it become so urgent that we had to “give the store away” to buy one soldier and they couldn’t allow Congress 30 notice?   If this was urgent after waiting five years – why was Benghazi not urgent after numerous e-mails requesting help prior to and during the brutal terrorist attack?

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Florida bans scanning kids for biometric data:  On one hand there is a victory – on the other… well, if you’ve ever posted a photo of you, a friend or even a child your faces have been harvested by National Security Agency so that they can better chase down terrorists. (Of course, we just released five terrorists from Guantanamo prison.)



Keeping all your personal data is for our own good – the lifting of your personal data without your knowing of it – without your permission – without a warrant to do so…  it’s for the good of this nation – we will be safer here if they have “little Johnny’s” metadata all stored in a large government run databank.  Of course, we all know how efficient and well cared for that data will be!!!

At least Florida is making an effort to stop such nonsense and personal invasion within the schools …

VA Doctor: IG Report ‘Extremely Deceptive’ on Wait Times

This article by Todd Beamon shares interview questions in which they admit, things are/were much worse than they allowed the public to know.  SURPRISE!!  SURPRISE!!   Of course it’s really not a surprise when we have those who are involved in the deception, researching and reporting on their own deception.  How many would send the fox into the chicken coop to catch the other chicken thief?  How many of you would ask a known embezzler to count your money or reconcile your accounting?  YEAH, ME NEITHER!

DC Ablazing

Like most of our scandals – this is just a symptom of a great problem.  Big Gov. vs. Independence!   When has government ever handled anything in an efficient manner?  When has government ever saved a dime when handling affairs of any kind?  When has king-government ever really cared about the citizens?   Don’t blame just his administration on these atrocities and scandals my friends… king-government has been wasting money and risking health and lives of citizens for a very long time – through many administrations; republican and democrat alike.  While we have a democrat in the office, there are many representatives & senators, who have to take part of the blame in these matters.

I don’t know about you but it seems to me we waste a great deal of time and money investigating scandals and corruption yet we never seem to have a FIX for the problem nor is justice severed for those hurt.  I see them as corrupt but I also see these things as distractions and political games.

How foreigners perceive the US –

16 Things That Surprised Me When I Moved To America 

This article is simply a novelty.  I found the observations of this Cambodian student extremely interesting.  They are opinions of one here in our nation –  I found #5 to be extremely interesting…  Since we discuss often the issues of our food here in the United States – were you aware too that we’re the only country that seems to love and embrace artificial sugars and flavorings?

I’ve heard it said, sometimes you’re too close to a problem to actually see the big picture.  Back up and look ~ you’ll gain a different perspective.  That’s how I see this information/observation shared by an alien.   I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


Even though we have some kinks in the cog of liberty…  to quote a caller on today’s show… “We can do this!  We got this”… now… LET’S GET BUSY AND BRING AMERICA HOME©!


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