Michael Cutler Special Agent INS (retired) Talks Drugs and Illegal Immigration



 Michael Cutler

Michael Cutler is a retired Senior Special Agent of the INS.  I told him he’s now a Super Special Agent of truth as he’s speaking to the people of this nation and explaining how messed up the immigration situation is and the consequences of such to this nation.  

Mike Cutler is working to educate Americans and help us Activate Congress to face the immigration crisis and Bring America back to prosperity & security…  http://michaelcutler.net   Immigration is hurting our nation in numerous fashions – from jobs & economy to our “homeland” national security!

What About “Drug Trafficking and the Cartel?”

Come on now Mike, our President said our greatest enemy is “climate change” ~ we have to fight a war against the climate – we can’t fight immigration AND drugs too!  http://dailysignal.com/2014/06/07/welcome-obamas-war-weather/

Mike recently wrote an article, “Cartel Billboards: A Sign of the Times”



Cartel Billboards

It would appear our lack of immigration law enforcement has made the Cartel Bold and Brazen…  I can’t imagine waking up to such a site in my community.  El Paso has been warned by the cartel… “silver or lead”  ~ take a bribe or die!   This is not only a crisis, this is a crime and a threat against all Americans!   The Call to Action is simple – call your Senators and Representatives and tell them… no playing nice, we demand federal immigration laws be enforced per the 9/11 Commission Report!

 Monograph on 9/11 and Terrorist Travel




Our Borders

Mike explained the last time he was on CSC Talk Radio that it isn’t ONLY the illegal but the legal immigration as well…

Ted Cruz, a known conservative, proposed an amendment to the immigration bill, BUT is that the way to fix our problem?  His amendment will immediately increase the H-1B cap by 500 percent from 65,000 to 325,000.  He offers the amendment to increase H1B Visas to help improve, retain high-skilled labor force.  He doesn’t seem to think very highly of American does he!!!


Texas Ted knows better – we need to explain to him Americans are more than capable of holding those high-skilled labor force jobs!

Mike has been in the trenches and he understands the crisis; our immigration issues are wreaking havoc on this nation AND as Mike pointed out, it isn’t only the illegal immigrants but the legal ones as well.

How can Ted Cruz or any other elected official justify statements such as “retain high-skilled labor force” from abroad when so many “educated” Americans are out of work?  Many have already lost jobs to overseas – outsourcing!   Call Senator Ted Cruz and ask about his lack of faith in the “Educated & highly-skilled laborers of America.”  Whatever happened to America has the best of the best!!!

Senator Cruz made a speech last year at CPAC – I was almost flattered because he seemed to be quoting me when he said Bring Back Morning in America ~ I’m not sure exactly what he meant by that – I do know we need to Bring Back Jobs to America!  I know we need to Bring Back Security to America… I know we need to Bring Back Productivity to America… I know we need to Bring Back Prosperity to America… I know we need to Bring Back Integrity to America!  I know we need to Bring Back Hope and the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in America When I say Bring America Home© – I’m talking about all these things and more!  How will the giving of 325,000 highly-skilled labor jobs away to newly approved legal (visa) immigrants going to help this nation and unemployed Americans?

According to Mike we have a crisis on our hands and in this land regarding immigration.  Visit Mike’s website at http://michaelcutler.net OR visit www.capsweb.org  Keep up with Mike’s research and reports!   Let’s take Mike’s advice and let our Senators & Representatives know we want them to get serious about this nation’s economy, jobs, crime, drug cartel attack and security!  Implement tough immigration laws according to the 9/11 Commission Report…

Mike & Beth Ann working together is the perfect American plan for liberty.  Mike says he’s a registered democrat; Beth’s mad at both parties!  BUT together we understand it isn’t about “right & left” it’s about what’s right and wrong for this nation!  No labeling people – we are all Americans battling for liberty!!

I’m thrilled to have Mike Cutler in our corner exposing the truth – for when we hold the truth, it might be hard to swallow, but it will free us to make the right next move… CONTACT YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS TODAY!

Let’s do this, Patriots: work together to


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