Getting Defensive Firearms Training


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Coffee Before the Show

I’ve not been blogging much lately – I apologize for the lack of WORDS here but when my website went down and was lost (with Lois Lerner’s e-mails perhaps)… we’ve been fighting to get all back up.  NOT all is back up a flowing smoothly yet but we are still working on it…

I’ll work on catching it all up as best I can… but in the mean time, I wanted you to know where I’ve been AND this weekend I’m heading out for some firearms training & self defense training.  My advertiser Tim Milligan is more than likely going to put my friend and me through some tough scenarios this weekend!  We’re looking forward to it!


SO… Heading out for a weekend of fun & training! Will come back a bit wiser and more than likely with sore muscles…  Check out this site and call Tim today for your weekend of training!  I’ll report back on Monday how it all went.

Beth Shooting Rifle

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