Hillary Get’s Hugs While America Becomes a Third-World Country

Patriots Protect Liberty

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I want to remind all of you that the politicians are not about to tell you the truth – so keep your eyes and ears open!   Hillary recently made a STRONG statement regarding President Obama’s foreign policy …  of course she needs his support if she does decide to run for president in 2016….  So.. Hillary plays nice.  Although she didn’t “apologize” she released a statement expressing her pride in having served with President Obama as his Secretary of State.    http://time.com/3104920/hillary-clinton-barack-obama-iraq-syria http://the405media.com/2014/08/14/hug-time-for-hillary/


Hillary Lies


Hillary tells us she was broke when she left the White House – but wants us to trust her with our US finances and economy.  Hillary talks tough and then retracts her “tough talk” to play nice and win campaign support from Barack Obama.  Candidates are not about to be honest and I want to again remind you as the elections for 2016 escalate BE VERY CAUTIOUS!


Candidates and Politicians Stop Taxing and Spending

          Forget What They Say And Watch What They Do…

They say that they want you to be safe… but then they regulate, restrict, or take away your means to protect yourself and your family.
They say that they want you to be free… but then they pass legislation that abridges or usurps your personal rights and liberties.
They say that you have the right to your privacy… but then they monitor all of your financial transactions, your movements and your private communications.
They say that they will support and defend the Constitution… but then they totally ignore it, and… — they pass legislation that ignores the restrictions placed upon them by the Constitution, — they take actions that are not authorized by the enumerated powers of the Constitution, — and they basically do whatever they wish, apparently unrestricted by the expressed limitations of the Constitution, and seemingly limited only by the ‘very selective outrage’ of the national press, or the motivations, ambitions, and the aspirations of the political party that is not currently in power at the time.  
Forget What They Say.  Just Watch What They Do.
***  I also shared an article “Illegal Aliens: Making America a Third-world country”….    read thisLegalize Freedom - Restore Constitution and l
et me know your opinion!   http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/gathering-storm/2013/nov/18/illegal-aliens-making-america-third-world-country/   It was amazing the amount of dollars (American TAX dollars) being spent to support, educate, healthcare and sustain the illegal people of all ages is this nation.  Here we are in the US of A well over $17 Trillion in debt… the jobless rate of Americans continues to grow and we think we can justify and “keep” outsiders.   It is said we will soon be the low status of a “Third World Country.”

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