Pro-photo-2 2014I want you to know this is not and endorsement for Donald Trump – I have yet to make up my mind who I will lend my VOTE to…  This is just my take on the unprofessionalism of FOX NEWS…and Megyn Kelly.

Fox accuses Trump of being petty – they’d rather had Megyn Kelly who took it upon herself in the earlier debate to defend women… after Donald Trump had a verbal scuffle with Rosie O’Donnell…  rosie odonnell

Here’s a RUN of their feud…   Rosie is never kind and uses harsh words and Donald fires back.  Were they both inappropriate? Probably! But… it was their feud and their feud did NOT need to be a part of a presidential debate.  While Megyn Kelly decided this feud made Trump a sexist – I don’t believe that to be true.


TRUMP-KELLYMegyn along with Trump have kept this 2-way feud going all these months… Personally I believe Megyn Kelly was in the wrong and totally unprofessional.  Journalists & talk commentators have defended her – “they have the right to ask any question” YES – but not in a debate.  A debate is to be focused on one or two topics.   I did a quick search (Google) to find the exact topic/focus of the August 2015 debate… I was unable to pin that down BUT I can guarantee you that the topic was not WOMEN and how we should call them fat.

If you’ll remember it was in the August 2015 debate for which the first question out of the debate was… a loyalty question to the GOP – directed at Donald Trump!  I was not happy with that question – especially when the GOP elected candidates have done absolutely nothing that their constituents sent them to DC to accomplish.


Donald Trump made it no secret that he’s not happy with the Megyn Kelly once again a member of the panel to “ask the questions.”   FOX – determined to “stand by their man” in Megyn Kelly refused Trump’s request… he said he would not attend…

NOW – like children in a name calling war. FOX the professional NEWS network supposedly there for “Conservatives” – put out this statement…

Fox News has issued a statement responding to Donald Trump’s conduction … We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to….I used to play Euchre for a while against people like Trump…. Stop reading his press releases where he talks about himself in the third person.


So… the news is now all about Trump & Kelly… Kelly & Trump…

FOX has ignored the property rights dispute, which now has a militia fatality by gun shot from “feds” ~ and the arrest of 7 civilians, who the feds call “occupiers.”  NO Fox is more concerned about this debate and the ratings they will lose with the absence of Donald Trump.

Tonight we witness Bill O’Reilly asking Trump (on air – “The O’Reilly Factor) to reconsider; Megyn Kelly making reference to the ongoing rhetoric with that idiotic smirk on her face.  She seems quite secure in her position at FOX.  So, you don’t matter – NEWS doesn’t matter… but the beautiful blond Megyn Kelly matters!  I’m done watching her – She’s proved in the last many months, that she is NOT professional and she is NOT a professional in her line of questioning; not just Donald Trump but others I was disappointed at her line of questions.

Bill O’Reilly also interviewed Newt Gingrich, who stated that he thought the statement sent out by FOX was inappropriate and of course Bill O’Reilly defended them… saying it was cleverly written sarcasm.  Well Bill – the sarcastic remarks were not “just the facts ma’am, just the facts!”


As a conservative (I hate labels) talk show host, I will watch the debate BUT I will no longer watch Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File.”  

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