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My guest today on CSC Talk Radio ( was Marita Noon.  Marita is my monthly reporter regarding America’s Energy Legislations, regulations and stipulations.  She does her best to keep up with the spider web of bureaucracy in regards to national energy resources.  Visit Marita’s website

   If you missed today’s show –  click on this link and listen at your leisure.

I promised I would make Marita’s articles available to my listeners here on my BLOG… so here they are!

We started out the show discussing briefly two articles from the DAILY SIGNAL

 As Obama Vows to Nix Keystone Pipeline, Here’s a History of Presidential Veto Power

Obama Speech in Denver, Colorado

Remember…  Obama has a phone and pen for which is continues to rule over the America People – not represent the best interest of this nation…


Marita Noon

Marita writes for numerous organizations but here are the links to her articles we shared and discussed on air this today, January 13, 2015

 Wind energy—dealt several blows lately

(Cape Wind, Minnesota, PTC, Worst industry list)

New regulations the Obama administration is putting on the oil and gas industry is like kicking them while they are down\


Amazing response I’ve had to my column on Ocean Acidification—scientist came to me with his story

Listen for Marita’s Energy Makes America Great report on CSC Talk Radio ( the first Tuesday of each month! 

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 I received two interesting comments after today’s show…   

I’m always interested in your opinions!  The following is a comment on facebook I received immediately following the show – however, we were not speaking for or against the Keystone Pipeline  – Energy Makes America Great EPA bureaucracy does not.

What about the private property rights you are always saying are paramount. A few land owners in NE have said NO to a pipeline through their property. No time to go into the whole bogus NE supreme court ruling that was “lost” because 3 justices decided not to render an opinion (which is what I thought they were on the bench for) so no super majority. That means Canada can now condemn this property under eminent domain! So, for a few thousand mostly temporary jobs, a FOREIGN country can come in and condemn private property. Are private property rights a given or only when convenient?



What’s your way of “saving” energy or the cost of energy at your home?

As a followup to today’s show:  

I have to share my electric bill. I am with Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association out of Steeleville, Illinois. I’m all electric. My bill totaled $217.17 for 31 days. In addition to electric use,   I am charged $36.00 for a facility charge – a smart meter – which I never knew they put in until I found the initial charge of $25.00 on my bill several years ago Then another charge  which reads: “This bill includes $21.13 of government mandated environmental compliance cost for power generation.  This is not a new charge.”

That’s $57.13 a month; $685.56 a year.  I can think of a lot of things I could use $57.13 for each month.  If I used my clothes dryer, I’d probably have a $300 electric bill.  I hang clothes out when weather permits and in the utility room when it doesn’t.

If you want to use this as an example sometime you are welcome to, just don’t use my name.

I can give you a lot of shortcuts we’ve come up with over the years to save water and electricity. Inconvenient, yes, but it helps.


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