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Marita Noon
Segment 1 ~ “Dear Ben Carson: Call Me Maybe”

A few weeks ago, Marita wrote a column that was an open letter to candidate Dr. Ben Carson that was different from your usual style. Ben Carson was in Iowa talking about ethanol, but Marita’s point to him wasn’t really about ethanol.

In the letter, Marita addresses the elections that had just taken place in the UK. She explains the lessons she wants him—and every other presidential candidate—to learn from the UK elections…

Segment 2 ~ “What Is We Lose?”

In this column Marita is giving a book review… (I will have the author on air in a couple of weeks) Her review intrigued me, as the novel takes place after the Environmentalist Extremists have “Had their way with America.”

Marita wrote a book, “Energy Freedom?” ~ She stated that, “Mountain Whispers, Day Without Sun” by Coleman Alderson picks up where her book left off…
Segment 3 ~ “Another Domino Falls For Anti-Fossil Fuel Crusaders”

On May 18, Texas passed a “pre-emption” bill, which is important to all of us nationally… She explains why this is a sticky issue for limited-government types as well…
Segment 4 ~ “A Taste of Things to Come for Electricity Consumers and Generators”

Now to your most recent. In A Taste of Things to Come for Electricity Consumers and Generators Marita tells a long story about one New Mexico power plant trying to comply with EPA regulations. This is a story we all need to care about!

She talks about and explains how long states will have to comply with the Clean Power Plan.

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