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“Why Are You Idiots Still Buying Foreign Goods

By Bob Hall

“Why Are You Idiots Still Buying Foreign Goods?”

 You know who you are.

 If every American citizen were just like you, the U.S. would already be dead and gone.

 We’re losing $2 billion real dollars every day in goods deficits.

 (Real dollars.  Not Washington dollars.  Not Wall Street dollars.  Real dollars: real production, real jobs, and real wealth.)

Workers and consumers are the same people.

American workers and American consumers are the same American citizens.

The People’s Republic of China, the Chinese Communist Party, and the People’s Liberation Army are the same Chinese organizations.

Every American purchase of every foreign product — every foreign product, not just Chinese — contributes to American deindustrialization and hardship.

This is how modern wars are fought.  This is how industrial nations are conquered and colonized.  This is how biological competitors are exterminated.

You know who you are.

You’re the problem.

It’s not too late to stop talking, stop blaming, and start being part of the solution.

It’s never too late to support the country, the economy, and the place you live in.


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