“The Employment Situation — October 2014” – JOBS REPORT!

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Here’s the headline:

“The Employment Situation — October 2014”

All of the reporters who tell us about jobs have jobs. 

None of the reporters who tells us about Ebola has Ebola. 

  • “Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 214,000 in October, and the unemployment rate edged down to 5.8 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.  Employment increased in food services and drinking places, retail trade, and health care.”

Here’s the data from the same report:

“The Employment Situation — October 2014”


  • Total nonfarm: up +1,064,000 in October
  • Total private: up +567,000
  • Goods-producing: no change
  • Manufacturing: down -5,000
  • Private service-providing: up +567,000
  • Retail trade: up +180,600
  • Finance and insurance: up +9,900
  • Legal services: up +8,000
  • Temporary help services: up +47,600
  • Health care and social assistance: up +103,800
  • Child day care services: up +17,500
  • Leisure and hospitality: down -162,000
  • Food services and drinking places: down -34,700
  • Government: up +497,000
  • State government education: up +140,700
  • Local government education: up +388,200

Also FYI:

  • Not in Labor Force, Want a Job Now: up +115,000
  • Persons at work part-time, All industries, Part-time for for economic reasons, Slack work or business conditions: up +143,000

Kill the messenger — or help the messenger — or just do something before this economy recovers and kills us all.


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