Message to Americans:

Stay Calm and Conquer, We Will Rise Above This Crisis

by Beth Ann


Americans are a special lot! Even in trying and challenging times, we can manage to figure it all out and how to profit from it – whatever “IT” might be.

Our current crisis, as a nation, is the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

There have been many Americans who have begun the old-time panic of hording as much food, paper goods and sanitizer as they can possibly get.  Hording is never the wise thing, and is actually quite selfish.

I’m too young to remember first hand, but in the WW-2 days, this nation was asked to cut back on certain items; sugar is the one I remember the old folks talking about.  Americans took up that challenge and conserved.

I saw an expression online: “Our grandparents were asked to go to war, you’re being asked to sit on the couch, You Can Do THIS!”  However, we have many whining and complaining about such a “difficult” task and sacrifice.

Schools are closed, sporting events cancelled, businesses are cutting back, churches are asked to not allow large numbers in the congregations.  Meetings are being cancelled or postponed, as are many elections – online meetings and classes are encouraged.



I mentioned to you many times over the years that before change happens there’s always a big event.  Most of the time this big event is not pleasant. Is that what America (and around the globe) is experiencing now?  Such an event, crisis or tragedy is exactly what might force change into the lives of people and perhaps in our governments.

I’m not trying, in anyway, to downplay the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many are suffering, others are grieving, and that’s heartbreaking…all that said…

There is something special about the time we’re living in right now.  America and Americans can walk away from this stronger in many ways.

Our economy is taking a hit; but look how much stronger it has been and the growth we’ve experienced in the last 3 years!

This is a time to put our differences aside and grow as a people.  Grow closer to our families, our neighborhoods and our communities.  Every community has those who are not able to get out, check on them (phones are good). Offer to bring them groceries OR pick up their prescriptions, bring their newspaper or mail to their doorstep.  It’s time Americans stopped being so self-centered and started thinking of those around us.  Government isn’t here to take care of those… YOU ARE!

This pandemic should make all Americans realize how precious and vulnerable life truly is.  Life can be taken or changed in an instant by a car accident, heart attack, stroke, diagnosis of disease that will require a long medical and physical fight, a natural tragedy, or even a violent act. Watching the virus snatch the lives of friends and loved ones should make us all take a longer look at the gift of life.


American patriots do understand the fragility of life and liberty.  That’s why we fight as we do for our freedoms.  We fight to keep life, to uphold liberty and most days we pursue that happiness with as much gusto as we can muster up.

Other days, unfortunately, we Americans take for granted the luxury of Liberty which was given to us through great sacrifice.  Perhaps this Coronavirus Crisis will bring us back to an appreciation of Liberty and the realization that Life is fragile and vulnerable.


The current, and maybe only, strategy for dealing with the Coronavirus is the “social distancing” of Americans.  This is only for this moment in time; not for our lifetime.

Perhaps this crisis will eventually bring Americans together again, as two planes flying into the Twin Towers did not so long ago.  In that moment many Americans turned to prayer, went to church… we cried together.  Together we picked up the pieces and made new.  Not all was good, we traded liberty for safety and that brought us to a bad place in DC today.  (FISA corruption) But time went by, and we, once again forgot about our pain and suffering.

A local radio station has coined (and I like the idea) “Stay Calm and Carry On.”  It is GREAT advice!

I have another phrase I want to share with you. “Stay Calm America and Conquer.”  

We must work together!

If you’re “trapped” in the house with your family, put the phones down and perhaps together enjoy:

Board Games?

Songs and Music?


Jigsaw puzzles?

Prayers for sure.

How about a nostalgic closet cleaning?  That can be great fun as well as productive!

Organizing the OLD family photos – what great memories and conversations will be brought forth!

Watch a few movies together.


Now is not the time to panic.  Panic leads to disaster while calm is the element that conquers and brings forth growth and wisdom.


I noticed when I was raising my five rowdy boys it felt like a curse some days with all the noise, bickering and wrestling matches…until night, when those precious rowdy ones were fast asleep; how innocent they looked and how small I felt.

Those times flew by quickly – today with this “slowing down of American life” perhaps more families will sit around the table ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  Perhaps the families will see each other in a different more personal way, recognizing each personality, their strengths and weaknesses.


As this fast-paced nation slows down we need to see this time as an opportunity to recognize our problems. How did America become so dependent on another nation? They sell us everything and now they brought us disease!

Free enterprise is how we fix this; NOT with more federal government control and intervention.  Yes, we need to attack the immediate problem. It will make us stronger in the long run by adding more free-markets, encouraging American Made, and doing away with our dependence on China.


Bureaucrats in DC, along with Congress and their greedy ways have caused our dependence on other nations and the American people can stop it!

Recognizing the problem is the first step.  Waking up to the reality of a pandemic that we are not prepared for should be a new WOKE moment for patriots.

When the world is panicking Americans need to lead the way – Stay Calm and Conquer!

Slow down, grow closer to God, your family and community. Realize that no matter the tragedy, we must all grow wiser and be prepared. Lets look ahead to a great future in America.

God is in control and there is NOTHING that ever shocks Him off His throne.

The old saying “this too shall pass” is still true today!

Change usually doesn’t happen without pain.  The nature of mankind is such that we won’t change until we are forced to by some THING or somebody.  Change is difficult for sure, I’ve experienced that more than once in my lifetime. You never know what adventure lies ahead.

The Coronavirus could be our blessing in disguise America!



Together America Will Rise Above and Conquer. Then on the other side of this crisis, we will find ourselves stronger.