De Blasio And Animal Rights Extremists Attack The Horse and Carriage Industry in New York City, New York

New York City Horse & Carriage

Steve Malone is a second generation carriage owner in New York City.   The Mayor of New York City, De Blasio, has vowed to put an END to the Horse & Carriage Industry.  This act will put hundreds of families out of work!  Horses build New York City, but that doesn’t matter to the “Animal Rights Activist” who have an agenda and are doing whatever it takes to end all animal industry in America!  Without truth, honesty or knowledge of animals these activists along with De Blasio are on a mission to stop the Horse and Carriages in New York City.

As I interviewed Steve he was on his way to work in Central Park.   We talked about how well these horses are treated and how lost these animals would be without a purpose – without work!   He shared how his horse related to a child on the route, who suffered from autism… it’s amazing how the personality and character of these animals can bring smiles and love to others.

In this fight for property and a way of life, not to mention history, if we follow the money and facts… at the end of the day there’s a businessman/real-estate broker eyeing the property that is the home for the stables/homes of these magnificent animals.

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Animal rights extremists, horse and carriage battle for property rights

We need to help our New York family.  That’s part of BRINGING AMERICA HOME©…   I encourage you to visit their website watch the videos and give if you can to support their fight for property rights and their way of life.

Recently the “Working Family Party” stepped up in support of the Horse and Carriage industry in New York.  This is a huge endorsement but the battle isn’t over.


Keep on top of all the issues regarding animals and property by joining The Cavalry Group…  They’ve helped our NY sisters & brothers and they are here for you! CAVALRY GROUP DEFENDS PROPERTY RIGHTS


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