‘Operation Choke Point’



I’ve been blogging now for over 2 weeks here….  Each day I try to sum up and add to the show’s topics and share the links of the articles I discussed on air.   Let me have your feed back here – JUST LIKE ON AIR, YOU’RE COMMENTS ARE WELCOME!

Today was Free-4-All-Friday ~ However I also expanded on a few articles and writings by others.

Newt Gingrich is a smart man and most assuredly a politicians.  I hope this man is waking up as well.  For under his watch we suffered many losses of liberty.  He happened to be in office when Agenda 21 Sustainable Development came to life – yet when he campaigned in 2012 is seemed to be a new issue and he was “agin it.”   However, that is another subject for another day – today, I shared Newt’s explanation of “Operation Choke Point.”  Government bullying bankers and businesses in order to perfect and squeeze their own agenda (government agenda). Within Newt’s article:  http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/fdic-newt-gingrich-doj/2014/05/29/id/573961/?ns_mail_uid=62798040&ns_mail_job=1571165_05292014&promo_code=fk665ldw  he stated, “Bureaucrats, it seems are indeed deputizing bankers and payment processors to cut off these industries from the financial services they need to survive.  The Washington Times reported last week that banks and payment processors have been terminating the account of law-abiding gun dealers across the country.”

BIG GOVERNMENT – Was never intended to be our way of governing.  To be ruled, regulated and mandated by bureaucrats is indeed “taxation without representation.”  Why do I say taxation?  Because it always comes in the form of some tax or fee of license, permit etc…. but it’s all about TAKING from the people and CONTROLLING the people!    Government cannot give to anyone without first taking/taxing/feeing it away from another.  Regulations, mandates and restrictions are all a part of government extracting wealth from the people and ruling over WE THE PEOPLE!  This nation was never great nor wealthy because we had BIG GOVERNMENT… it was/is/and always will be WE THE PEOPLE that make the character of this nation.  BIG GOVERNMENT is trying to change our government, in fact, they constantly term us a democracy when in fact… we are a REPUBLIC.  Of course, that only works if WE THE PEOPLE, (The Republic) stay away, get involved and hold the elected official accountable.


Americas Abundance by Ayn Rand

Michelle Obama once said she wasn’t proud of the United States…  I believe today the majority of Americans are not proud of our governing leadership.  I’m not only referring to the top dog in the White House but our DC Occupiers who constantly bark party control and seldom act to protect liberty.

However, this week President Obama gave his graduation speech at West Point.  Less that ¼ of the cadets participated in a standing ovation.  President Obama has been anything but respectful and supportive of our military why would these young men and women return such an honor to him?  They are forced by military code to solute their ranking officers and commanders but they aren’t forced to give standing ovations.

As a politician always covering his mistakes and lies with rhetoric, Obama said to these cadets, “I would betray my duty to you, and to the country we love, if I sent you into harm’s way simply because I saw a problem somewhere in the world that needed fixing, or because I was worried about critics who think military intervention is the only way for America to avoid looking weak.” While his words might sound good… this is the same man, who less than a year ago, made is “red line” statement to Syria and almost through us into yet another bloody conflict to save his face!    Here’s the link to this brief article:  http://www.americasfreedomfighters.com/2014/05/28/less-than-14-of-cadets-give-obama-a-standing-ovation/


Mark Levin, being a talk show host himself, usually has plenty to say.  He’s a bright man, but I do not always agree with him… This article by Greg Richter conveys Mark’s comment in a Fox News interview with Hannity.   I do not disagree with Mark’s statement that the Next President Faces a “Hell of a Job.”  Perhaps I just want to scream at everyone but it won’t matter who’s in the White House if we don’t get control of Congress.  These power struggles against parties and the lobbying for corporate favors is killing this nation.

Levin stated, Obama cares little for solving the Veterans Administration scandal that has left scores of sick veterans on long “secret” waiting lists to see doctors.  HE IS RIGHT…  Obama doesn’t care – only that the issue made the news.  BUT does our Congress care? OR are they making noise?   I have a list of the Senators who voted to CUT pensions for our vets & military YET  – these same people are not screaming for an investigation over this scandal (and rightfully so) yet… they cared little about the Vet’s livelihoods when voting to cut their pensions.

 The Voted Against Vets & Military

Here’s the link for Greg Richter’s article reporting on Mark Levin’s Fox News with Hannity Interview!


Another great observation by Mark, he said, “If we were talking about food stamps he’d move heaven and earth to fund the food stamp program and make sure everybody got their food stamps…. The veterans are not a top priority.”   I’ve personally noticed that they will threaten Medicare & Social Security when discussing budget cuts, but never do they threaten welfare and/or food stamps.

Free-4-All-Fridays are always one of my favorite shows because I’m able to hear from more of you!   You are the hope of America!  You are the REPUBLIC!  Please continue to do your part… pledge to do that which is necessary to BRING AMERICA HOME©

3% many not seem like many but it is a great many when we’re talking about voicing our grievance and standing up for what is right.  If the 3% will stand together; brave, strong and true we will restore our Constitution and our liberty.

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