God Made Lots of Things . . .

5-19-2014 – COMMENTARY – Beth Ann Blogging & Talking


So – God Made A Farmer

So – God Made A Patriot


It’s Monday and I’m looking at a busy-busy week here at CSC Talk Radio.

Kicking off the week with 2 guests today on 2 completely different topics…

For my first guest, I welcome Murray Bast with Bio-AgWorking with Nature Naturally.  Farmers & Ranchers are so very important to any nation~   Our food and how it’s grown is more than just planting a seed, sloppin’ the hogs or feeding the cows.   There’s a science to it and it takes a special kind of people ~

“God said, “I need somebody strong enough to clear trees, heave bails and yet gentle enough tot tame lambs and wean pigs and tend the pink combed pullets… and who will stop his mower for an hour to mend the broken leg of a meadow lark… So, God made a farmer!”  

Farmers Needed for Life

Those who call themselves farmers & ranchers are a rare breed and are heroes to us all.

Bio-AG is here to help those heroes – improve the health of the livestock~ to make raising the animals more efficient and improving the profits as well.



Murray’s Bio-Ag is a family owned business and he was inspired by a Missourian – Dr. John Whitaker ~  It is a small world indeed and we most certainly reap what we sow!  Go Natural ~ Call Bio-Ag:  1-800-363-5278

Bio-Ag is seeking distributors here in the United States.  Talk to you local Farm & Supply Dealer about www.bio-ag.com


During the second half of today’s show I welcome back Tim Milligan~ TM Firearms Training.  I HAVE MY DATE SCHEDULED and am looking forward to a hard day BUT a productive day of learning and growing.

We are in troubled times BUT there are always trouble times in this old world.  It is our duty as able citizens to be prepared as best we can for whatever might happen – and pray it never does.    www.tmfirearmstraining.wordpress.com


 Duty of a Patriot


God said: I need somebody who is willing to sacrifice everything; his fortune, his sacred honor, even his life for liberty – Something called inalienable right that he cannot see but knows he cannot live without


God said:  I need someone who even after crushing defeats, rises up and stands tall –   Someone who hears the clarion call that these are the times that try men’s souls… but does not shrink from the trial. 

Someone who will cross a frozen river in the dead of winter when all logic and reason says turn back, abandon hope…SO GOD MADE A PATRIOT

Then God Said:  I need a man who knows of the rise and fall of great nations, who knows of human nature and the corrupting influence of power – and the fragility of liberty; I need this man and along with his likeminded brethren to write an enduring Constitution…  SO GOD MADE A PATRIOT

Thank you Tim Milligan – for being a patriot, hearing & heeding the call – and helping others along the way!

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