Judge Orders DACA Application Renewals Bates has ordered the administration to accept new applications for illegals.

Democrats for DACA

By Martin Walsh

A federal judge in Washington, D.C. ordered that President Donald Trump‘s administration must begin reopening and reviewing applicants who apply for deportation protections under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, according to MSN.

U.S. District Judge John D. Bates gave the administration an ultimatum, saying that the Department of Homeland Security has 90 days to provide more solid reasoning for why the program should be terminated.

The Obama-era DACA program has protected more than 800,000 illegal children who came to the U.S. with their parents, who also aren’t authorized to legally be in the U.S.

Bates said Trump’s decision to end the program last month was too arbitrary because the Department of Justice failed to explain why the program was unlawful.

Obama used executive power, bypassed Congress, and enacted the amnesty program that protected arguably millions of illegal immigrants. Trump agrees the program is unlawful, so why is he having to explain to a judge why the program should be legalized through Congress?

The cases were brought before Bates by a student, Microsoft and the NAACP.

Bradford Berry, general counsel for the NAACP, said the group was happy about the ruling and hoped the government would do the right thing and keep DACA in tact.

Microsoft President, Brad Smith, also agreed and said the company supports efforts to preserve DACA and help those who use the program.

There are many, many issues with the ruling and perhaps the legality of what might happen next.

Bates ruled that Trump never explained why he ended DACA, which is a complete lie. Trump ended the program in September 2017, saying that former President Barack Obama unconstitutionally signed it into law. He gave Congress six months to pass a legislative solution, but of course, lawmakers balked and the program expired.

Princeton University President, Christopher Eisgruber, also followed suit and attacked the Trump administration.

How can Obama unilaterally enact an illegal policy and yet Trump has to explain himself to the courts when reversing that same unlawful policy? The ruling against the Trump administration was based on politics, not the rule of law.

Even when Trump tries to undo illegal actions and allow Congress to pass laws — which is the main purpose of the legislative branch — politically-driven judges punish him for it.

Undoing Obama’s unconstitutional program was the right thing to do, and now DHS will have 90 days to make that case in front of activist judges playing politics over protecting the nation.

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