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by Beth Ann

Monologue 9-14-2016

If only HALF of the Trump supporters are deplorable, what about the other half?

The other half – who have attained a higher education

The other half – who believe in God (not that the other half did not… work with me here people…)

The other half – who know their Constitution

The other half – who believe in & practice strong family values

The other half – who believe in a FREE market and a growing America

The other half – who are non-white people

The other half – who know they are WE THE PEOPLE

The other half – who believe in a REPUBLIC

The truth is… Hillary believes all free-speaking, free-thinking, Christian, Independent thinking Americans are deplorable.  As do all progressive leftist… SOCIALISTS… COMMUNISTS…and those DC OCCUPIERS!

To my “friendly” caller from yesterday who has decided (show #1402 Sept 13, 2016) – to vote for a candidate on gender only – is not free-thinking… it is sexist, as Hillary accuses others – so go her followers.  I want to reach out to you – but you have to be ready to be free –

This election is not about democrat / republican…  this election is not about male or female… this is election is not about color… race… ethnicity… this election is about those who aim to put the final nails in the coffin of America’s Free Constitutional Republic.  This election is about removing your BILL OF RIGHTS… ALL OF THEM…

Hillary is sick… and I’m not talking about her pneumonia.

I will NOT smooth it over like other talk show hosts.  AND Hillary isn’t alone… the majority of our elected officials (both sides of the aisles) are sick… (they have a dictator-totalitarian virus – strongest symptom is GREED) They intend to have their way – boost their careers and continue to rob from you…  Oh, they pretend then to give to the “poor” BUT they have to keep the poor – poor to tighten their grip on these voters.

While it is so obvious to me ~ I have a hard time understanding the logic of… I’m voting for Hillary because she’s a woman.

It’s impossible for me to understand men who are willing to take a beating on the football field – making millions of dollars – while the franchise, for which they are employed, charges out the wahzoo to their audience/fans… still believe they are the oppressed ones.   Before Rome fell, it was – pretty much in the same position politically as America currently is or as we are rapidly heading.  Their athletes were paid GREAT SUMS to entertain.  They had MANY gods and religions BUT practiced “freely” their desires…

You know – I enjoy football (how about those Chiefs on Sunday?)  I enjoy baseball – but these America pastimes are no longer reaching out to the average American or American families –  JUST LIKE OUR POLITICIANS… They are pandering to the mega corporations – IT IS BIG – HUGE – BUSINESS…. Not an American pastime.  How can it be an American Pastime if players hate this nation and refuse to give honor to those (by honoring  flag and anthem) who have sacrificed for their freedom to make millions, while playing a GAME they love!??

What we’re facing today in this election – NOT JUST PRESIDENTIAL – is the final turning of a corner… the loss of our Free & Independent America… to SOCIALISTS – COMMUNISTS – CORPORATISTS –


WE THE PEOPLE ARE SURFS ON OUR LAND – PAWNS IN THE GLOBAL ARENA… WE THE PEOPLE ARE NO LONGER FREE PRACTICE OUR BILL OR RIGHTS… (which by-the-way is there to KEEP government officials from doing that which they are currently engaged – TRYANNY)


These arrogant, pompous, career politicians have done this as We The People sat by watching football / working 2 jobs / arguing democrat-republican politics…

It is obvious to me and should be to all America, that as these people, who are willing to plead the 5th (but remove all that right from you) to hide the fact that YOU the American citizen have been sold out and compromised by NOT just Hillary Clinton but a team of American Haters.

SO… What about the other half Hillary?

What about maybe… the 3% of Exceptional-Liberty-Loving People – WE THE PEOPLE??


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