Gov Jay Nixon Speaks Out Regarding Ferguson Missouri


The entire nation is watching as the Ferguson, Missouri rioting, looting and protesting continues.  On August 9, 2014 an officer, Darrin Wilson and a teen, Michael Brown had an apparent disagreement.  This disagreement turned violent and fatal, as the officer, after allegedly being attacked by the teen, in fear of his life, used his gun and the teen was fatally wounded.

I’m attaching numerous links for you to study – but as I watch the footage on the news and read bits and pieces of the news as it unfolds, we know that we don’t know everything yet!

HOWEVER – Rioting and violence have been an everyday and practically all night in the scenes since August 9.   Prominent public figures, such as Al Sharpton came to Ferguson to stir the pot and see to it that people stay tense and angry.   As America watches in horror and disbelief the politicians now diverge and demand to be involved.


Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon and Attorney General (DOJ) Eric Holder are busy practicing Lynch Mob Leadership as they call for “Vigorous Prosecution” of the officer who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri nearly two weeks ago.  This Lynch Mob Leadership has the officer tried and convicted before the investigation is complete! Both these men are guilty of obstructing true justice by muddying the judicial system with their political rhetoric!  Make no doubt about it – this is absolutely criminal and both these men, in particular Governor Jay Nixon need to be held accountable for their misspoken words and accusations.

One of the articles I’ve provided, this one is titled Gov. Nixon: Ferguson is a Test for All American…

Well – Governor Nixon, in my opinion YOU have failed this test!

You proved yourself incapable of handling a crisis and

incapable of supporting your own!

Governor Nixon has obviously declared himself to be judge and jury and demands prosecution of a police officer, who might very well have been defending and fighting for his very life!  This doesn’t seem to matter to Governor Nixon, as he sees this as a way to kiss some political behinds and climb up the political ladder.   I pray Missourians and the rest of the nation recognize what this man has done with his loose tongue!   Nixon is guilty of publically obstructing justice and muddying the judicial system against Officer Wilson.

Rumor has it Gov. Jay Nixon has his aspirations set on perhaps a VP position in the 2016 presidential election…  I ask you, is this the kind of character we want leading this nation?  I don’t even want him leading Missouri but apparently I’m stuck with him – for now!!


Should the police have erected bandstands for the protestors?

St. Louis Senator is a part of the Lynch Mob Leadership…

 State Senator Nasheed Threatens More Violence


Protest isn’t about RACE it’s about CLASS – Kareem Abdul Jabbar

I agreed with some of what Kareem said – but when we talk about government legislating to protect any kind of prejudice, well that’s just not possible without restricting and taking away more liberties from all!   Truth is… if our elected officials were doing their job, we’d have jobs for all who want to work… we’d be a strong nation again with a strong middle class!


Eric Holder In Ferguson Missouri - to bring confidence ERIC HOLDER TO INSTILL JUSTICE AND CONFIDENCE???

Holder says, “At a time when so many may seem uncertain, the people of Ferguson can have confidence that the Justice Department intends to learn—in a fair and thorough manner – exactly what happened.”   You got that???  Just like we learned the truth and has justice served over “Fast and Furious” – and the IRS has been served notice over their infringements and discrimination against “conservative” groups and organizations.  OH YES!! I’m feeling much better about Ferguson being dealt truth and justice.  (Typed with extreme sarcasm)


If this is true – Dorian Johnson might find his life in danger as the Lynch Mob seeks revenge instead of justice!

Dorian Johnson Confesses Michael Brown attacked Officer Wilson   22 year-old Dorian Johnson, the man who was walking with Michael Brown when he was shot, has a warrant out for his arrest in Jefferson


What has happened in Ferguson, Missouri is indeed a tragedy on many levels; loss of life, loss of truth and justice.  revenge being termed justice!  Constitutionality and freedom ignored – crime called protest and facts ignored!

Missouri doesn’t need the feds to move in… this is the show me state… let us handle this and we’ll show the nation how we can come together and make good out of pain and tragedy…  but that doesn’t seem to be what’s going to unfold does it?


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