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Beth “Ann”


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Genius is commonsense dressed in working clothes.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I petition you the people of the United States of America to use this document to send to your Senators & Representatives as a statement of grievance against the taking of land for federal management denying the natural rights to the ordinary citizen.

Click here to Download Letter 1
Letter of Grievance of the Taking & Management of Our Land


Click here to Download Letter 2
Letter of Alarming Governing Series of Grievances


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11415448-cpusa-vector-logoThe Conservative Party USA and Commonsense Coalition Talk Radio (CSC Talk Radio) are pleased to announce they have entered into a new Strategic Partnership to Bring America Home.

Conservatives and Commonsense are united in striving to do what is best for this nation.

Please join with us as we put Commonsense back in charge of our nation using true Conservative values to lead the way.

Americans must Come together in a true Coalition of preservation for ourConstitution and the future of our Children.

I am honored to introduce to you The Conservative Party USA! Please take time to visit their website and join us as we all work together toBring America Home!