IS THIS WAR? Should We Declare War On ISIS?

France Terrorist Attack

1360 – July 15, 2016 – IS THIS WAR?  Another Terrorist Attack In Paris!  Should We the USA Declare War On ISIS?  The Terrorist Attacks WILL Be A Defining Factor In The 2016 Presidential Election


DOES OBAMA HAVE A NEW SPEECH WRITER?  December 7, 2015 IF…YOU MISSED TODAY’S SHOW… CLICK AND LISTEN!! Pearl Harbor Day Tribute… Was Pearl Harbor a Terrorist Attack? Obama’s 13-Minute “Urgent” Message……/tribute-to-pearl-harbor-day-obam…/   Last night President Obama had an “Urgent” message to the American peoples -the message lasted about 13 minutes… In these 13 minutes I detected that perhaps Obama …

What Happened In Paris Will NOT Stay In Paris

By Beth Ann November 16, 2015 THE ENEMY WITHIN When I’m sitting in my office these days – other than my computer and phone, I have no media sources…NO TV/RADIO at this time! Late Friday afternoon one of my sons called, said “Mom you might want to turn on the news, Paris has been attacked by terrorists.” I immediately started …