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The Voice of the Patriot – Issue #1

Loss of the Republic


Americans have lost the capital of the Republic. Of all the wise men of history, none predicted that simple-minded deceit would convince The People to forfeit the rarest of blessings: constitutionally-preserved restraints of power; personal freedom; prosperity unequaled; military protection unsurpassed; industrial capacity that employed the world; agricultural capacity that fed the world. America let slip away the most precious of all gifts of the Heavenly Creator. What must God think?

God gave Americans the most perfect government ever designed by man. Benjamin Franklin called it, “A republic, if you can keep it.” “…if you can keep it.” Individual freedom, Franklin understood, is the mortal enemy of men who strive endlessly to amass power. “Keeping” a free republic requires constant vigil; constant study; constant resistance to the infringements of the gift of freedom. When Americans give the republic to the enemy, what must God think?

Not all Americans have given up. They will be abused for two years, possibly more. The debacle in Washington on January 6 was a vicious complaint registered by loyal Americans. It was an error. Violent resistance demands a crushing response from a strong opponent. Americans must be; will be; smarter.

Some say the Washington debacle was an attack on democracy. That belief is false. Riots are the function of democracy. Believers in democracy use oft-repeated lies – as did Hitler – to foster a belief that majority rule is a cog in the wheel of American government. Violence and bloodshed are the hallmarks of majority rule. Riots are the means of communication with a democratic government. While Americans are ruled by democracy, violence will rule the streets. A peaceful alternative was documented in the American Constitution: A representative republic. In a republic, disagreements are debated with utmost civility and respect. Equal value is given to the needs of both the minority and the majority. Riots and violence are unnecessary. Wise debate in a republican fashion resolves disagreements while unifying opposing factions. A democracy disregards the needs of the minority; the majority will rule and they rule to their personal advantage. Civil debate ended when democracy gained dominance in America.

The Founders recognized the hazards of democracy. They favored a republic. They wrote into law safeguards against democracy. Their distaste for democracy is recorded in their comments: (Source: Original Intent, by David Barton)

James Madison: Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security, or the rights of property; and have in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.

John Adams: There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.

Fisher James (author of the first amendment): The known propensity of a democracy is to licentiousness which the ambitious call, and the ignorant believe, is liberty.

Gouverneur Morris (penman of the constitution): …democracy [has] everywhere terminated in despotism… Democracy! savage and wild.

John Quincy Adams: …experience of all former ages had shown that of all human governments, democracy was the most unstable, fluctuating and short-lived.

Benjamin Rush (signer of the Declaration): A simple democracy… is one of the greatest of evils.

Noah Webster: A pure democracy is generally… the most tyrannical government on earth.

John Witherspoon (signer of the Declaration): …democracy… is very subject to caprice and the madness of popular rage.

Many in American government favor displacing the republic with democracy. All democrats favor democracy; many republicans favor democracy. To replace American government with democracy, the Constitution would necessarily be rendered powerless. Listen to their words. Vote accordingly.

The goal of this newsletter is to Restore the Republic. Americans have witnessed increasing violence as majority rule displaces concern for minority factions. Frustrated Americans communicate with sticks and bombs and profanity. The wiser path is to Restore the Republic. This newsletter is dedicated to education, motivation, edification, unification, plans and action. In two years, patriots will launch a unified body of pro-Americans to represent the American Republic in congress. This newsletter is the foundation of that success.

Future topics in Voice of the Patriot: Restoration of: The Republic,  Morality, Honesty, Racial Peace, Constitutional Law, Government Restraints, Legal Elections, The Spirit of Adventure, Competency of the Press, Competent Education, Competent Economy, Competent Fiscal Management, Factual History, Respect for the Founders, and, most important, Restoration of Faith in God. As time progresses, Voice of the Patriot  will deliver plans to replace pro politicians with Pro-Americans; ultimately a pro-American President.

Loyal Americans must not make direct, violent attacks on the enemy. Be smart: The enemy is brutal, unethical and crushes resistance harshly. Spend your time wisely: Make five copies of Voice of the Patriot; mail copies to people who will, in turn, make five copies of Voice of the Patriot. to mail to other loyal Americans. Those who have the resources should mail fifty, or five hundred, or more. That small dedication of time and resources, multiplied by eleven repetitions, will put Voice of the Patriot before the eyes of 48 million Americans. That influence will dominate. It is simple. We will communicate, we will unify, we will offer mutual support, we will select and instruct pro-American candidates and we will vote in unity!

Potential appreciates of Voice of the Patriot: American Legion, churches, small businesses, police departments, military families, fire departments, auto mechanics, small municipalities, FFA, farmer/rancher co-ops, VFW posts, Christian schools, Hillsdale College, sportsmen, NRA, Farm Show Magazine, BassPro/Cabella’s, chambers of commerce, labor unions, etc. Large industries such as oil and gas, mining, lumber, construction, autoworkers, steel fabrication, shipbuilders, agricultural equipment, chemicals, commercial fishing and military hardware deserve to be in this movement. Support those who demonstrate love for America, such as Senator Josh Hawley and Representative Jim Jordan.

Do not trust the internet. Anything digital can be hacked. Remember that anyone, anywhere has access to your messages. Messages may be deleted or altered without your knowledge or permission. Even the once-trustworthy United States Postal Service has proven to divert or destroy mail that resists democracy. The recent election debacle is evidence that Postal workers can and will be used to anti-American advantage.

The first six issues should not be re-mailed to pro-democracy / anti-American / socialist / communist entities. God says, “Do not cast your pearls before swine.” Avoid newspapers, book publishers, universities, public schools, TV media, LBGTQ groups, high-tech entities (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.) TV stations or celebrities. (With pro-American exceptions, such as Mike Rowe.) Do not send this message to convicted felons, prostitutes, atheists, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, con artists or foggy-thinking drug users.

In half a year, when strong and unified, Patriots will re-mail copies to enemies. Some will panic. Others, upon witnessing the popularity of patriotism, will convert. When they experience the justice, the peace, the unity and the prosperity of a free, uncorrupted Constitutional Republic, they and their children will be permanent pro-America disciples. May Our Heavenly Father bless, protect and encourage His People.

 Please pray for our nation, for this movement, for your children, and ask for the blessings of the God of Heaven. With your sincere prayers and God’s blessings, the sacred American Republic will be restored.                                                                                             —- The Patriot


The Voice of the Patriot – Issue #2

Restore the Republic

Welcome to third-world Socialism; shortages, food lines, inflation, unemployment, instant decrees, high taxes and rationed health care. Loyal, productive Americans will be oppressed for two years. The temptation is toward violent resistance. Such a response leads to all-out conflict; an unproductive choice at best; a years-long bloody war at worst. The Founding Fathers wrote into law a bad-government remedy; a republican government that allows the opportunity to vote despots out of power. Before the reader says, “We tried voting against them. It did not work,” look first at what went wrong in the 2020 election. By understanding what went wrong, Americans can put their energy into repairing the voting process.

First understand when The Patriot mentions Republican government, he is not referring to the Republican party; likewise when he mentions Democracy, he is not referring to the Democratic party. Republican refers to self-government through representatives of the people. Democracy refers to rule by the majority. American government is a carefully-designed Republic. To the detriment of the Republic, Americans have, for sixty years, believed the error that American government is a Democracy. That error has sole responsibility for the deep divide, and the symptomatic violence, in a once-peaceful America.

In a Democracy, the majority rules. In a Republic, the word rule is stricken from government vocabulary, along with the forbidden words of force, mandate, coerce and manipulate. In practice, the majority has no more voice than the minority. In a Republic, wise men represent all the people; they create equitable legislation that protects competing interests while equally serving competing interests.

In a Democracy, the impossibility is to call a vote on all disputes; it follows that a High Authority decides which concerns deserve a vote and which matters do not, as in Communist dictatorships. At that first critical phase, democracy instantly dissolves into tyranny. In a Republic, conflicting ideals are discussed by judicious representatives who study the issues and the influences of legislation. Voting on issues is done by men and women whose full-time jobs are to scrutinize issues and to stipulate just and fair remedies that serve and protect all the people. In a Republic, the majority never gets legislation that favors their group alone. The minority never gets overruled. Conversely, in Democracy, the minority is forced to serve the majority.

Thus, in Democracy, laws that favor the majority become sources of division and conflict. Joe Biden admitted in his inaugural address, “The most elusive of all things in a Democracy [is] unity.” He is correct. A Democracy creates division and animosity; it pits the favored against the unfavored. Communication in a Democracy is protests, riots and insurrection. But Biden and his supporters favor Democracy. He said, “Democracy is precious,” and reveled in the idea that, “Democracy has prevailed.” Republican Roy Blunt, speaking at the inauguration, praised Democracy and pronounced the victory of Democracy, “… a day of unification.” America cannot realize unification under the unyielding, uncompromising rule of Democracy.

In Democracy, the right to vote is extended to all. In a Republic, voting is restricted to responsible people who understand the issues and processes of equitable representation. Restricted voting is denounced by pro-Democracy people; it is misunderstood by pro-Republic people. The simple understanding is this: In a Democracy, the convicted felon, the drug dealer, the illiterate all possess good judgment considered equal to an educated entrepreneur, or a teacher of Civics or a General of the Army; the patriotism of a John Wayne; the honesty of an Abe Lincoln; the morality of a James Dobson. Whom would a loyal American choose to make a law affecting his nine-year-old daughter: The paroled sex offender down the street or the local Baptist Minister? Not everyone should vote. When loyal Americans wonder how an anti-American managed to get elected; the flaw is in the electoral process; a flaw that can be remedied. What went wrong is traceable to fifty identifiable culprits: Secretaries of State of the fifty states.

Secretaries of State verify votes are cast legally and counted accurately. Verification of such a complex process requires stringent controls and auditable events. With mail-in voting, early voting and other “democratized” processes, a meaningful audit is impossible. An election that cannot be audited cannot be verified and cannot be certified. The 2020 election is not valid because the audit trail to prove validity was erased. No evidence exists of tampering; neither does evidence exist to prove honest voting.

The audit trail of a certifiable election begins with voter registration; a process which validates the status of the voter. A citizen of Russia cannot vote in American elections. A resident of Maryland cannot vote for Illinois electors. Qualified voters sign the rolls. On election day, voters the sign roll, legibly, and the signature is verified, a practice that was corrupted by mail-in voting and early voting. Once the signature is verified, the voter is provided one ballot which the voter personally turns in for counting; all under watchful supervision and controlled circumstance. Secure, controlled tabulation takes place under the same watchful supervision. Such a system proves difficult to corrupt. That system was scrapped as un-Democratic in 2020; the door was opened wide for corruption, tampering, error and thousands of undetectable false ballots.

For example, the controlled and monitored process of one person receiving one ballot, counted one time was ditched. One TV video clip showed dozens of insecure boxes of ballots hauled into a counting area under no discernible controls. Tens of thousands of ballots simply appeared with no traceability back to individual, pre-qualified voters. No one knew the origin of those ballots; they could have been shipped from China.

Any Secretary of State that certified a chaotic election such as the 2020 debacle is either repulsively incompetent or unspeakably dishonest. The same rule is true for a Congress that certifies such tortuous disarray. When the Secretary of State fails to organize, direct and oversee the electoral process, that person should be removed from office. The validity of an election should always be verifiable from designed-in safeguards that leave a trail of evidence.


  1. Recall or impeach inept or dishonest Secretaries of State. The Patriot Movement needs one competent, energetic person, with resources, to initiate and organize the petitions to either recall or impeach. Since no central organization exists for this movement, America depends on one person in each state to volunteer to simply get started. Careful election controls are the prerequisite to honest elections.
  2. Scrutinize, search and find one Pro-American who comprehends the government of your state and who is gifted in the organization and logistical control of a verifiable vote; a person with courage to de-certify a corrupted election. Unify your state to place that person in the Secretary slot. Start now. Legal, honest elections will put legal, honest American citizens back in control, a Democratic fear.

Our Heavenly Father favors honest people. Work to restore honesty and you will find the most Powerful Entity in creation is working at your side. Be courageous, be honest, be aggressive and America will win.

Issue #3 of Voice of the Patriot addresses Restore Faith in God. Issue #4 of Voice of the Patriot addresses Restore Competency of the Press. Every topic is essential in the step-by-step process of Restoration of the Republic. Please copy and re-mail this letter five times. Or more.

An old saying pertaining to Rule of the Majority: “The majority is always wrong.”

Loyal Americans must avoid violent attacks. Be smart: The foes of honest government are brutal, unethical and harsh. Be humble and prayerful; God is the ally of honest, moral, ethical people.

Please pray for America, for the Patriot Movement, for the innocent and vulnerable. Ask the blessings of God. With your sincere prayers and God’s power, the sacred American Republic will be restored.

The Patriot

The Voice of the Patriot – Issue #3

Restore Faith in God

America was founded a Christian nation. Leftists, in their enthusiasm to re-create the character of America, claim otherwise. In such a debate, one must turn to original documents. Writings of early colonists made clear their intentions. Pre-revisionist history verifies America is founded in Christianity:

1609 Virginia Charter: “[To] make habitation…and to deduce a colony of sundry of our people into that part of America commonly called Virginia…in propagating of Christian religion to such people as yet live in darkness.”

1620 Mayflower Compact: “Having undertaken for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith…[we] combine ourselves together into a civil body politic for…furtherance of the ends aforesaid.”

1639 Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (first constitution in America): “[E]nter into combination and confederation together to maintain and preserve the liberty and purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus which we now profess…which, according to the truth of the said Gospel, is now practiced among us.”(All quotes; emphasis by The Patriot.)

More documents confirm the Christianity of America: The writings of William Bradford and John Winthrop; the founding charters of: Massachusetts,1629; Maryland,1632; North Carolina, 1662; New Hampshire, 1639; the 1669 Carolina constitution and the 1682 Pennsylvania founding document. Look them up; good Patriots know the history of their nation. (Ref. Original Intent, by David Barton, Wallbuilders Press.)

The laws of America originate with God. All state laws mimic the Ten Commandments. Leftist politicians are rushing to forbid Christian influence. Courts have twisted the First Amendment, once guaranteeing freedom of religion, now requiring the prohibition of religion. Imagine the conflicts that are inevitable when Christian-influenced laws are forbidden: Theft will be legal; murder, legal; lying, respected.

American has already exceeded Godly limits. Liars are exalted. Adultery is legal. Deviancy is courageous expression of sexuality. Lust for thy neighbor’s property encouraged. Atheists are respected. Theft is legalized: A worker earning $480 a week is taxed to pay supplementary unemployment of $600 a week. Such a decree is theft; the minority is treated unjustly in Socialism / Democracy. Take note of the sexual depravity of modern entertainment; of network news features; of public school sex education; of churches that compete with Satan for the most blasphemous entertainment; of false accusations taken seriously.

Godly people display Godly traits: honesty, loyalty, clear thinking, confidence, affection and rationality. Reality, reason and aspiration drive their actions. Un-Godly traits are lies, betrayals, illogical thinking, fear, hatred and detachment from reality. Fantasies, emotions and feelings are their drivers.

Dozens of troubles face America. When a matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the majority, the solution creates dissent in a different majority. Political striving to settle the conflicts of diversity results in quandaries multiplied then re-multiplied. No person; no group of persons; no President and no party can restore peace amidst the infighting. Serving the majority provokes greater outrage than did the initiating complaint. That is the reason both God and the Founding Fathers warned against following the lead of the mob. America needs no followers in leadership positions. The time has come to ask for help from The Higher Authority. America needs leaders who are gifted of Godly wisdom; leaders who practice Godly lifestyles; leaders who publicly praise God; leaders who ask God for guidance; leaders who are solid allies of the God of Heaven. God helps His allies; He hinders His enemies.

Honesty identifies one as an ally of God. Liars create animosity, incite retribution, generate chaos, spawn fear and foster the conflicts of the Great American Divide; they incite Godly wrath. Honest, Godly people create friendship, engender order, promote confidence, restore unity and resolve conflicts; they attract Godly assistance. Honest people are consistent and reliable. Liars ally their positions with popular opinion. America is plagued with liars. Those who wish to unify the nation are honest; they avoid lying and refrain from doing the things that require the cover of lies. Our Heavenly Father is partial to honest people.

God favors a Republic; a government of the free; of the honest; of the wise; of the responsible; of the generous; of the thoughtful; of the logical; of the moral. God warns against majority rule; a democracy:

Matthew 7:13-14 says, “Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide, and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter by it. For the gate is small, and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it.”

Exodus 23:2 says, “You shall not follow a multitude in doing evil, nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after a multitude in order to pervert justice.”

God says the multitude – the majority – is on the path to destruction. He, in His unsurpassed wisdom, tells people not to follow the majority. God favors government of the few who are wise, reasoned, moral and just. He does not favor government by the masses: masses who are unruly; masses who are foolish; masses who are ruled by emotion, anger and fear; masses who strike down those who disagree.

The Godly people who lead the Restoration of the Republic are recognizable. They are clean; clean of body, clean of health, clean of mind and clean of speech. The leaders of the Republic will be honest; they will refrain from hiring a commission to author false reports to support their denial of reality. Godly leaders will never propagate fear; even in a real crisis they remain calm, confident and inspire thoughtful action. One will never hear a Godly leader scream, “Impeach the (profanity too vulgar to be repeated).” One will never hear a Godly leader brag that she not only violated the law by smoking marijuana, but, unlike Clinton, she inhaled. One will never hear a Godly leader praise the courage of lawbreaker, a pervert, a traitor or a liar. Godly leaders are polite and listen to civil debate. They never kneel in appeasement to mob rule. They never lie. They never falsely accuse; they never heed false accusation. All loyal Americans must promote Godly, honest, righteous leadership.

God offers His protection and guidance to those who are: 1.) Honest, 2.) Loyal, 3.) Moral, 4.) Humble, 5.) Clean of speech, thought, action and body. God will restore a just Republic to people of those qualities. He will pour his wrath upon a nation that defies and denies Him. America is experiencing violent weather, diseases, shortages, economic collapse, impossible debt, chaos and bloody riots. God is angry.

America: Pray with honesty and humility. Study the principles and blessings of Godly government. Ask God for wisdom. Be loyal to God, spouse and America. Lies and liars dominate the internet, politics and network news; refute them. Refute fear, ignore fear-mongers. Explore reality; understanding reality annuls fear, builds confidence. Pray for the ability to discern lies, to live righteously and to please God. Copy and re-mail this newsletter five times. Send it to people who will copy and re-mail it five times. Be peaceful and smart. The purveyors of Socialism are brutal, unethical and harsh. Be humble and prayerful; God is the friend of honest, moral, ethical people. Distribution of this newsletter will restore the Republic.

God made a promise: [When Americans] “…humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14) The healing of the Great American Divide is not a political matter; it is a healing that can be achieved only by the Final Arbiter of All Disputes: The Almighty God of Heaven.

The Patriot

The Voice of the Patriot – Issue #4

Restore Competency of the Press


American government is – or was – the most perfect administration of human effort the world has ever seen; the most prosperous; the most peaceful; the most powerful and the most harmonious. The People, their works and their God are hated by every wicked entity. The Great American Divide is the result of a wicked enemy striving to overthrow American government. America is too powerful to defeat by force; the universal weapons of totalitarians are Propaganda and Agitation: Lies that cause Americans to fight among themselves. The agency of deployment is the Free Press.

Reporting objective fact – also called honesty – is the Free Press function protected by the First Amendment. February 10 of this year, reporter Jonathan Karl stated, “An impeachment trial is not a legal trial; it is a political trial.” February 11, Dan Abrams said, “Senators can do what they want and apply their own rules.” The U.S. Constitution, Article II; Section 4, plainly states that the President can only be removed from office for conviction of crimes. The above two statements are lies (propaganda) and are designed to create controversy (agitation). Propaganda and Agitation are tools designed to overthrow American government. Such reporting is not protected by the First Amendment. Liars are condemned by our Heavenly Father.

The Free Press is agitating against election reform. When a state enacts laws to enforce voting by legal, eligible residents; voting once only per person… The Free Press informs Americans that such reform is racist. (Note: Minorities should be enraged. When the enemy claims that enforcing legal voting targets Blacks, the inference is that Blacks are more likely to violate the law. Such remarks are insulting and divisive.)

The rule of victory: Fight the enemy, not each other. The lies of the press widen the Great American Divide by inciting Americans to fight each other. One can only speculate whether reporters are driven by design or by incompetence and stupidity. For either reason, the result is indistinguishable: Abuses of the Free Press are resulting in agitation, infighting and riots; a weakening of national unity.

An old farmer bet the agri-business Ph.D. he could plow forty acres with his two old mules before the new guy could plow one furrow with his prime-of-life draft horses. Old Ledbetter won five-thousand dollars from the Yuppie. “How could you be so sure you would win?” asked a somewhat cynical Mildred. “Wal, it warn’t so vary hard. Ya’ see, mah mules wuz pointin’ in th’ same direction. His fancy horses wuz one pointin’ south and one pointin’ north. All they done wuz fight agin theirselves.”

Unity of Effort: The rule of victory. A thousand people working in unison to achieve a common goal have power. Given Unity of Effort, an army poorly armed, poorly trained and poorly supplied can overwhelm a great power. Conservative, Godly, loyal Americans must willingly point themselves in the same direction, work toward the same goal, bolster and encourage one another, inform one another, be strong where another is weak. With Godly love, protect one another and never, ever strive for personal advantage. When your neighbor hitches his horses in opposite directions, to him, inform him, instruct him and help him harness his resources to pull in the same direction.

Unity of Effort: Voice of the Patriot  is telling Americans to resist and refute the Propaganda and Agitation of the Free Press. Begin by recognizing lies. When the Free Press is promoting a lie, they repeat it often. One can memorize their claims by the repetition: “The unsubstantiated lie that the election was stolen.” Truth, reality and facts stand on their own strength. Lies must be bolstered by monotonous repetition.

Inconsistency is the mark of the lie. Americans are told the Covid vaccine is good for a year. Then, the story changed to six months; then ninety days. Somewhere along the way, experts said that no one knows how long the immunity lasts. The stories are inconsistent. The truth is unknown, but a lie is present somewhere.

Disagreement with reality marks the lie. Americans are told that thirty-five percent of the population has been vaccinated with a vaccine that is one-hundred percent effective. Yet reality is that cases of Covid are not down by thirty-five percent, they are up by ten percent! Americans are told to wear masks after they have been vaccinated, but if the vaccine is effective then a vaccinated person can neither contract Covid nor can they spread it to another. Or, is there a hidden truth obscured by the diversion from reality?

Fear – paranoia –marks lies. Liars strive to destroy credibility and character of people who oppose them. Consider the perpetual attacks on President Trump as he exposed lies. Liars divert attention from the truth by attacking the credibility of the person. Speak out to oppose global warming and you will be accused of something sinister. Ask questions such as, “How does the heaviest gas in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide, manage to rise above the other gasses to form a heat-trapping layer?” The name-calling and false accusations will be instant. False accusations arise from fear of truth and facts.

Unity of Effort: One American can complain to Congress about abuses of the Free Press. Another can write to the FCC. Yet another can boycott Ford. One at a time, Americans have no authority. But, even the Chinese Communist Party (and its minions in America…) bends to great numbers of dissidents. In preference to the weakness of a one-at-a-time effort, consider the power of a million Americans writing to Congress; a million American letters flooding the Director of the FCC; a million buyers boycotting Ford. One can see the power of Unity of Effort.

Here is a vital point of Unity of Effort: Even if you think another goal might be of a higher priority, accept the present goal and strive with full effort to nullify the Propaganda and Agitation propagated by the Free Press. (Do not strive to nullify the Free Press; the goal is to nullify the Propaganda and Agitation.)

A prerequisite exists: Commitment to a common goal. That is the role of Voice of the Patriot; to establish and communicate the common goal. You help is vital. The Patriot is a single individual of modest resources. Voice of the Patriot is mailed to a small number of select entities – twenty-four as of this issue. Establishing a common goal and Unity of Effort depends on you! Please, please copy and re-mail this letter at least five times. If you have the resources, fifty repetitions – or five hundred – is far better.

Many have asked, “Why not use the internet? It is fast and cheap.” “Cheap” is why hand-addressed letters are better… handmade communication has value. People who write letters are serious. People who type one message to a thousand indiscriminate addresses are considered frivolous. Most organizations never read e-mails, texts or social media rants. Write a personal letter. Spend fifty cents for a stamp.

Further, consider this: Any digital communication can be hacked, altered or deleted. You don’t want your thousand social media messages to be altered by a pro-Socialist Big Data employee. All they must do is change one or two words to reverse the meaning of your message. Yes, it happens.

A single Big Data organization censured all communication of the President of the most powerful nation on earth because it disagreed with his politics. It will happen to you. Recommendation: Quit sending money to social media. They use it against you. Use the telephone and write letters. Pray, read the Bible and ask the God of Heaven for His blessings on this nation and on your efforts.

The Patriot

Voice of the Patriot

Issue #5 – Restore Logical Thinking

Lies, distortions, fabrications and distractions are coming in layers. By the time Americans refute one lie, they are inundated with ten more. Perversions have acquired hearty approval. Unsound decisions run the nation. Illogical thinking rules debate. Fantasies are reality; reality is abhorrent. The teller of lies is envied for his creativity; the teller of truths rejected for boring commonality. A believer in the God of Heaven is superstitious and ignorant; an atheist is elevated in stature, respected in his profession. Political agenda is advanced as science; factual science is dismissed as “denial”. Republicans are praising Democracy; Democrats are praising anarchy.

This issue of Voice of the Patriot is dedicated to refuting falsehoods.

Global Warming: Americans are told Carbon Dioxide (CO2) rises to form a layer that traps heat. Problem: CO2 is the heaviest gas in the atmosphere with an atomic weight of 44. The atomic weight of oxygen is 16; nitrogen is 14. A molecule of CO2 sinks in air like a rock in a lake. God designed it that way. Plants will die without Carbon Dioxide at ground level. Eliminating CO2, a liberal goal, will kill all humanity. Note: God said in Revelation 16:9 that global warming would occur: “And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of god, which hath power over these plagues…”

A Ban on Gasoline and Diesel Engines has been requested by the governors of twelve states. Fine. If  a state like California wants to ban such, it is the business of no other state. But, it becomes the business of Texas if California wants to suck power from the Texas grid to support environmental ignorance!

Asian Hate will be Illegal under special protection by the law for a select group of people. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution requires, “…to any person…the equal protection of the laws.” The equality-embracing Senate voted 94 to 1 to require discrimination. Josh Hawley, from Missouri, was the only Senator with the pro-American conviction to vote against the bad law.

Derek Chauvin was Convicted by TV news in a thousand repetitions prior to the trial. He is the victim of Accusation Justice. America is already numbed by, “The charges are so serious that the offender must be punished.” Due process is guaranteed by the Constitution, but Majority Rule is overriding Rule of Law.

Unrestricted Voting is reportedly supported by four hundred U.S. corporations. “Unrestricted” means no limit on the number of times a person can vote. “Unrestricted” means whichever candidate can buy the most pre-printed ballots will win. Honest voters will lose; manipulators and liars will win. Note: The next promotion will be for digital voting. Remember the rule: Anything digital can be hacked.

Lithium Power is touted as a new source of energy that will save billions in fossil fuel costs. Fact: Lithium is a metal used to make batteries. Lithium is not a source of energy.

Replacing all Lead Pipes in America is a goal of Joe Biden’s four-trillion-dollar proposal. Reality is this: Lead pipes do not exist. The rational question is this: What is the disguised purpose for the money?

Masked, Vaccinated and Socially Distanced, two hundred people were allowed to attend Joe Biden’s recent “address to Congress”. If the vaccine truly creates immunity to Covid, why are vaccinated people banned from congregating with other vaccinated people? Why must they wear masks? The deception is obvious, but what is being hidden? What is the end goal?

The Wealthiest 3/10ths of the 1% will be taxed, said the President, to pay for the four trillion dollar spending bill. 990,000 taxpayers will be liable for $4.04 million each! In addition to the taxes they are already paying. This one bill will cost 6.66 times more than the total money supply for the entire nation in 2008. The plan is impossible. Three rules help one to understand:

  1. A logical progression follows every act: 1.) The Primary Effect – the anticipated first result. 2.) The Secondary Response – the normal human response to the Primary Effect. 3.) The Permanent Change – the structural realignment resulting from the Secondary Response.
  2. A rule of Communism: Three steps forward, two steps back. Karl Marx called the process, Dialectical Materialism. The object is to deceive. Aggressors make a huge stride forward, then allow the resistance to win back two-thirds. The object of Dialectical Materialism is to make advances that appear as retreats.
  3. Repeat the lie. A lie repeated often becomes accepted truth.

Apply the three rules to the President’s four-trillion-dollar proposal. One: He is seeking a Permanent Change: Destabilization and restructuring of America. Two: The Dialectical tactic is to ask for four trillion and retreat to a mere two trillion in unpayable debt. Three: Repeat the lie: The need is so desperate that, “Doing nothing is not an option!” Marx would be proud.

The Second Amendment prohibits Congress from infringing on firearms possession. The authors did not choose the less restrictive word, deny. Infringing restricts more governmental schemes to disarm the populace; ammunition cannot be restricted; firearms cannot be taxed out of existence; etc. The big question that all rational thinkers are asking: What is planned that requires the prerequisite of disarming the population? Karl Marx had the answer: Destabilizing and restructuring a resistant society.

“Ghost Guns must be made Illegal” Selling a “ghost gun” is already illegal. Shooting someone with it is already illegal. What is the concealed objective? Answer: Three steps forward; two steps back. Leftists advance ten gun bills knowing seven will fail. The long-term goal is banning non-government ownership of firearms. When The People have guns, The People have authority. When government has guns, the government has authority. Restructuring America is the goal; free, armed citizens are the obstacle.

“Protect the Sacred Right to Vote” is the lie designed to gain support for “unrestricted” voting. Requiring valid identification, America is told often, denies the right to vote to poor people and minorities. It is a lie that, told often, will be believed. Karl Marx would approve of party-managed elections.

The Republican Party” promotes the Big Lie that the election was stolen, says network news. Fact: The election was uncontrolled chaos in most states. With no audit trail, no one can develop evidence of who did or did not win the election. A new election, legally controlled and audited, will settle the argument.

“No Amendment to the Constitution is Absolute” is a quote of Joe Biden. The goal is to neutralize the authority of the Supreme Law. The goal is destruction of the foundation of American stability.

“White Supremacy is Terrorism” was stated by the President. He followed with, “We must root out systemic racism.” The lie, repeated often, is Americans are racists. The manipulative tactic was invented by Karl Marx. The goal is to turn class against class in bloody conflict. It is working. America! The lie of racism has been repeated so many thousands of times that it is accepted as truth. The existence of Black successes disavows the lie; every Black Congressman; every Black news anchor; every Black sports champion; every Black mayor, Chief of Police, actor, singer and attorney bear witness that racism is a lie.

“Twelve Years of Education is not Enough” The goal is another Marxism; to tear children away from the home at an early age for indoctrination by the state. Major elements of the Biden bill include education financed by government. When government pays for it, government dictates what is taught.

Your Children are taught to hate America. They are taught America is racist. They are taught free enterprise is the source of global warming, racism, oppression, poverty and hatred. They are taught majority rule is the base of American liberty. They are taught God is a myth. They are taught hatred of parents. They are not learning Writing, Arithmetic, Science, History or English. Marx said capturing Education is the base for overthrowing America. The answer? Home schooling. The real reason for free pre-K childcare is to “Free up women to enter the work force.” The choice moms must make: Take the money and sacrifice your children or cherish your children and sacrifice the money. Destabilizing children destabilizes America.

The 300% Increase in Lumber Prices can be remedied by releasing tens of thousands of acres of fire-killed lumber. The government refuses. Poor people suffer. Extreme inflation in basic commodities destabilizes society encouraging – you guessed it – class conflict.

Shortages of commodities are increasing. The excuse that Covid is driving shortages has lost credibility. What is the goal? Answer: Destabilization of the economy and a loss of trust in The American Republic. Anticipate more shortages but do not fear. Our Heavenly Father protects His People. Do everything in your power to resist the advancement of “Democracy”/ Socialism / Tyranny / Communism.

Digital Currency is again being promoted. Christians: You will not be able to buy or sell unless you have the required technical device. Remember the rule: Anything digital can be hacked. The Constitution prohibits, “…any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.” (Article I, Section 10) However, Joe Biden has made clear that he has no resistance to violating Constitutional law. Such defiance of written law is called, “…other high Crimes…” (Article II, Section 4)

Mass Shootings are increasing dramatically concurrent with this Administration. Speculation is they are orchestrated to support disarmament of non-government persons. Other speculation is stress, hopelessness and fear caused by the speed-of-light destabilization of society. Whatever the cause of gun violence, non-offending Americans must not be punished. Instead, America must identify and eliminate the root cause. Millions of loyal Americans owning guns is not the driving force behind one man shooting down a dozen people he doesn’t know.

Real I.D. will be required to enter, “…any federal facility,” effective October 31 of this year. Federal facilities include post offices, national parks, national forests and federally-funded clinics Will Interstate highways be included in the definition of any federal facility? What is the secret goal? The Constitution gives no authority to either Congress or the President to create a universal identification law. Or, is it a law? Is it possible that Biden will issue an executive order and demand that federal employees enforce the decree as if a law? Is our government abandoning the Rule of Law? A feature of totalitarianism is edicts from the “Higher Authority” enforced as if law. Other features are guards and fences around federal property.

Black Votes are Suppressed by requiring identification is the claim of anti-American forces. Requiring identification to vote, they claim, is biased and bigoted. Loyal Black Americans who, for a lifetime, have lived and voted honestly, are outraged that the Left is using their skin color to advance a dishonest, manipulative voting agenda.

Police are Targeting Blacks is the repetitious message of mainstream media. Even the people who originated the claim know it is false. All police are very aware that killing any suspect can end a career. No sane officer will kill a suspect just because he is sensitive to skin color.

A Shortage of Chlorine is reported. Chlorine is used to sterilize public water. Tyrants create shortages to manipulate behavior. Rational minds question the motive. Remember Marxist goal: destabilization. A destabilized nation is an easy mark for a predator nation. Shortages are rare in a free Republic.

Black Market for Ammunition is criticized as un-American. It is. A free Republic has no black markets. Government control over markets instantly creates shortages and black markets.

Ivermectin for Covid-19 is proving effective. Ivermectin is FDA approved. The CDC is threatening doctors with punitive action if they prescribe Ivermectin for Covid-19. Why would the CDC discourage use of a proven remedy for Covid-19? Anticipate supply manipulations and a black market.

Act Now! America passed the tipping point when a dishonest election could not be questioned; when the Supreme Court ruled that the residents of Texas have “no standing” to contest an uncontrolled election. (Meaning they are not qualified to have a complaint. That tipping point was reinforced when flag-waving patriots were designated, “insurrectionists”. Making dissent a crime is the hallmark of tyranny. America tipped further when a policeman was convicted by media bias and “the seriousness of the charges”.

Rational, loyal Americans have been anticipating this moment in history. They have been preparing to resist. Anti-American forces are cunning, deceptive and manipulative. They disguised the Tipping-Point and slipped it past with few people noticing. President Trump noticed. This battle of Good vs. Evil is not lost, but it has become harder to win. Every loyal American must do something to restore the Blessings of God and of a free Republic. Doing nothing is guilt of passive assistance to an aggressive enemy. Do this:

  1. Copy and distribute Voice of the Patriot as much as you can afford. Americans must act in unity. Violent resistance is an uncertain resort. Peaceful, legal techniques can still win this battle.
  2. Listen for inspiration from Our Heavenly Father. No man or group of men have sufficient courage, resources, wit or power to restore the American Republic. God can do it and He will do it if loyal, Godly Americans ask for His help.
  3. Rebut dishonest news reports. Write letters to local stations. Complain to your Congressman or Congresswoman. Write your objections to the director of the FCC; he is responsible for assuring that news broadcasts are a service to the public. He is derelict in his failure to stop dishonest, irresponsible reporting. Boycott sponsors of national news.
  4. Recall politicians who are not enthusiastically pro-America. Politicians who express reverence for “Democracy” are admitting their distaste for freedom and rule of law. The successful recall of only one Senator will reverse the balance of power in the Senate. The threat of recall will change the intentions of many more. Liz and Mitt are quick and easy to oust. One vote can pass anti-American legislation. Don’t let them vote two more years. Act now!
  5. Initiate petitions for your state legislature to assure honest, controlled, elections. “Honest and controlled” means: One person; one vote. Identification and pre-registration are vital. Paper and ink signatures on a roll, analyzed on the spot, are verification of one person, identified; one vote. Proof of residency is essential. When residency proof is neglected, a person may vote multiple times in multiple locations; a goal of corrupt politicians. An attribute of Socialism.
  6. Disallow on-line or any form of digital voting. Anything digital can be hacked. And, it can be hacked remotely from Russia, China, North Korea or Iran. Digital hacking is near-impossible to detect or trace. If your state insists on digital voting, refer to item 5, above and item 7, below.
  7. Recall Secretaries of State who certified the 2020 Presidential election. They are either: 1.) Incompetent – do not accept their responsibility, or, 2.) Dishonest – participation in an uncontrolled election. Recall state legislators who support uncontrolled voting. Simple, obscure modifications to control must be addressed. For example, digital signatures that are not instantly compared to previous signatures are an open door to multiple votes.
  8. Boycott corporations that support “unrestricted voting”.
  9. Cancel you social media contracts. Your money is used to finance anti-American objectives; to silence pro-American voices. Your money enables them to destroy your freedom.

Many readers are lacking in ability to initiate recalls. Some lack resources or motivation to copy and re-mail Voice of the Patriot. For those who do possess the time, ability and resources, please do your duty to restore the American Republic. Re-mail this newsletter five times or five thousand times. Speak often, both to friends and formally, if you have the ability. Refute the lies. Write letters to local TV stations; complain to the FCC, write your Senator and Representative. When you vote, consider one qualifier as most important: the pro-American enthusiasm of the candidate. Forget about how they appear on TV, how smoothly they speak or their gender, religion or race. To vote for a person because, “her race needs representation” is a racist vote. To vote for a transgender because, “she has the courage to represent the LGBTQ community” is an injustice to pro-Americans with ability. Vote pro-America, pro-God only!

If you own a business and have the resources, re-print and re-mail Voice of the Patriot  to every person on your mailing list.

Americans! Your enemies possess the high ground. Every loyal American is obligated to do something to restore the Republic. Tyranny is in the entrance. If you lose this fight you lose very much that you love:

  • Your freedom to travel. The rules are already in place to restrict your travels, effective Oct. 31.
  • Your livelihood. Socialist government determines who works at what jobs and how much.
  • Your buying choices. Socialism creates “shortages” for manipulative political purposes.
  • Your business. If your product / service offends Socialist leaders, it will become illegal.
  • Your health freedom. Anticipate reprisal if you do not accept the Covid vaccination.
  • Your children. Pending legislation puts government in charge of all they learn.
  • Your future. Government decides your advantages, your earnings, your potential.
  • Your peace. Tyrants love distractions: violent bickering, social unrest, economic instability.
  • Your relationship with God. Tyrants disallow competing sources of authority.
  • Your freedom to speak. Tyrants define dissent. Quoting scripture is dissent; here and now.
  • Your right to bear arms. Paranoid, abusive governments cannot allow armed citizens.
  • Your Constitutional protections. They have warned you: The Constitution is not absolute.
  • Your life. “And he had the power to…cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” (Revelation 13:15)
  • “Democracy” / Socialism / Communism is a Beast. The nations that are ruled by such have lost all possessions mentioned above. In those nations, every person or thing is allowed only to serve the Beast.


The Patriot



 Discernment of Lies was discussed in the April 15 issue of Voice of the Patriot . National media has given Americans an opportunity to test their discernment. Readers will remember, “Disagreement with Reality: Truth agrees with reality; the lie is constantly battling for credibility.”

The Colonial Pipeline Story deserves analysis. The report is the pipeline has been shut down by a Russiaan cyberattack. The pipeline is closed for 5500 miles from Texas to New Jersey. Reportedly, forty-five percent of the fuel to the East Coast has stopped; reportedly 100 million gallons daily: At $1.00 a gallon wholesale, that volume equals one-hundred million dollars daily in lost revenue. If the shutdown lasts three or more days, the price of gasoline is expected to skyrocket. An “expert” has stated cyberattacks are common these days and, “…we might as well get used to them.” Losing the nation passively is not an American tradition. It is encouraged by America’s enemies.

The story is battling with reality for credibility.

Reality #1: The distance from Texas to New Jersey is not 5500 miles. Rand McNally shows 1701.

Reality #2: A stated goal of this Administration is to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Reality #3: Petroleum shortages / high prices cripples economic activity.

Reality #4: Americans have enemies eager to cripple the American economy.

Reality #5: Russia is too smart to directly attack American infrastructure. Marx / Lenin defined the method: Through operatives, influence Useful Idiots to sabotage the sources of their own blessings.

Reality #6: The fuel forced through a pipeline is not accomplished by computers; it is moved by mechanical pumps that are driven by engines or electric motors.

Reality #7: The pumps can be started and controlled manually. For a hundred million dollars a day in revenue… yes, Colonial Pipeline has a backup system. Logic and rationality declare that no corporation would bet a hundred millions dollars a day on a digital system. Anything digital can be hacked.

Explanation is in order. The critical concern regarding mileage figure is that the newspeople cannot get it right. They have increased the distance from 5000 to 5500. The distance is less than half either of those numbers. The newsbeasts operate in a reality vacuum; they say what they are paid to say. Truth is irrelevant. Reality #8: In Communist philosophy; truth is not limited by facts: The definition of truth is whatever advances the cause of the state. Keep that reality in mind as you evaluate national media stories.

America has real enemies. The competitors for world domination recognize America as First Prize. Their names have changed, but they all operate under the strategies documented by Marx and Lenin. Two prime strategies are to, 1.) Create class conflict, and, 2.) Cripple economic prowess. The high-powered economy of your nation – your home is dependent on realistic, reliable, inexpensive supplies of energy. The Colonial Pipeline crisis promotes conflict and cripples the economy. Americans know two facts: 1.) The pipeline could be re-started manually, and, 2.) the current Administration and the enemies of American do not approve of a ready supply of inexpensive fossil fuels. Rational minds question; truth is hidden.

If Russia is responsible, they are testing.. They are witnessing the inept response. They are calculating the delay of a dozen shut-downs. While national leadership moans over social injustice and fake racism.

Please analyze the reverse of this page. Compare a free Republic with Socialist Utopia. Make copies. American enemies have control of every mode of influence: TV news, publishing, Hollywood, sports, music, education, corporate management and, now it seems, government. Pull your financial support of the most influential leader of thought and opinion: Social Media! Americans must be dedicated, active and serious. Sacrifices are necessary! Pray often and fervently. The enemy is brutal, wealthy and organized.  America can survive only with help from the God of Heaven. Ask for His help and He will give it.

END of Issue #5

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Beth Ann