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When I invented MyPillow®, my dream was to help as many people get a good night’s sleep as possible.

I personally guarantee MyPillow® will be the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own.

Mike Lindell, Inventor Of MyPillow®

Click on the logo above or call 1-800-978-6168 and be sure to use the promocode “bethann” for the current special.


When you’re in the market for new flatware, you’re probably interested in three main objectives:

Quality, Design and Value.

At Liberty Tabletop, we know how important it is for you to get the flatware you want, at a great price.

Click on their logo above or call 1-844-386-2338.

Be sure to use the promocode “bethann” for 10% off your order, except on sale items.

The “Pattern of the Month” for NOVEMBER 2019 is PINEHURST.

The Pinehurst pattern, with its very popular hammered design, has elegant style and versatility. These pieces bring heavy weight and balance to your home. Pinehurst is a popular pattern that looks striking on wooden tables and even works with vintage table top settings.

**As of 09/12/2016 Pinehurst has the hammered pattern on both sides.

(click on the pic below)



McCall’s Candles was built on the American Dream in the 1990’s by Dan and his mother Dee McCall.

What started with a unique idea mixed with hard work, perseverance, and a dedication to quality grew into the global brand we are today.

We remain a family owned, Made in America company producing beautifully distinct, high-quality candle products.

The featured candle is “Autumn Leaves” in a vintage antiqued can.

Our customers are central to our success. Each day that we walk onto our factory floor, we bring with us “American Pride”

and a dedication to our customers satisfaction.  Click on the logo or call 1-800-396-0332  – please use the promocode “bethann”

Please note that the “promocode” discount does not apply to sale items or the “Rustic Romance” collection.


GODAR USA, LLC  Master Antenna Builders

Contact Michael Godar at (480) 892-8207, be sure to tell them Beth Ann sent you.  Or click on the pic below.

Godar’s latest generation FM-DXR-1000 multi-band outdoor antenna is the most innovative, technically advanced, superior whip antenna on the planet!  It is the world’s first AM/FM/SW telescoping “tunable”whip!

It is designed for all reception environments including severe multi-path and fringe areas. Click on the pic below:


The Constitution Quest Game is FUN. EASY. INCLUSIVE. VITAL!

It’s a FUN & EASY way to LEARN the Constitution, as evidenced by reviews from students, teachers, and families for over 6 years.

It’s INCLUSIVE because it’s nonpartisan and beneficial for young, old, novice, or expert, citizens and those desiring to be so.

It’s VITAL because a population that understands the fundamentals of its self-government governs best.

So, raise the Constitutional IQs of those you know and love. Teach/review the Constitution throughout the year with Constitution Quest!

The Game is priced at $49.95 but Beth Ann’s listeners can now get 15% off when they order using the promocode “bethann”
Click on the picture to go to the Constitution Quest Game website.


CSC Talk Radio introduces you to Joe Alexander:

Joe takes commissions for paintings, drawings in pencil or ink, portraits, book covers, and other sorts of realistic pictures.

Click on either of the paintings featured here to go to his website.

To buy a painting or commission a work you may email Joe at,

or, preferrably, call Joe at (479) 442-6194.

Be sure to tell Joe that Beth Ann sent you so CSC Talk Radio will get credit for the sale.


Surgeon’s Skin Secret  – The secret is out! (read below)

Surgeon’s Skin Secret was founded by Jim Kaiser and Mark Oberlin, with the goal of bringing effective skin care and beauty formulas to the general public. The main ingredient in Surgeon’s Skin Secret moisturizer is beeswax. This ingredient is valued for its ability to moisturize the skin and form a protective barrier. Beeswax has strong skin healing and soothing properties, and acts as an antibacterial agent. Although Surgeon’s Skin Secret was the company’s first product, since it was founded in the 1990’s, Jamark Laboratories has expanded its product offering to include a number of skin care items, gift sets, bath and beauty products, and much more.

Click on the pic above, or call them at 888-252-6275, Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm EST.

Be sure to tell them Beth Ann sent you!


From the CSC Talk Radio Store:

NOW ON SALE: All cotton T-shirt made in the good old USA. Pro-look with a pro-life message.

$15.00  (save $5.00) Price includes S/H.  (SMALL AND MEDIUM sizes in very short supply)

Order includes 10 Red Ribbon Campaign Memorial Ribbons.  Click on the shirt to go to the store.


RANGE magazine is an award-winning publication devoted

to the issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands and wildlife.

Known for its powerful photos and straight talk,

RANGE exposes a land and lifestyle in crisis and shows how daily challenges

are being met with grit, determination and humor. No stranger to controversy,

RANGE is the leading forum for divergent viewpoints in the search for solutions

that will halt the depletion of a national resource, the American cowboy.